Winternachten 2013


In between the dance workshops DJ Bertu plays his music while host Francis Broekhuijsen keeps us informed on what goes on in the various halls of the theatre and in the filmhuis. Meanwhile: snacks, drinks and book selling and writers signing their … read more

DJ Bertu, Francis Broekhuijsen

Who's afraid of youth

Pupils from schools in The Hague present their best poems. They've had over ten hours of poety lessons behind them. After a lot of writing and deleting, expanding and cutting they now bring their very best poems. Tonight Ellen Deckwitz performs with … read more

Ellen Deckwitz

Who's Afraid of Youth

Pupils from schools in The Hague present their best poems. They've had over ten hours of poety lessons behind them. After a lot of writing and deleting, expanding and cutting they now bring their very best poems. Programme in cooperation with Huis … read more

Rodaan Al Galidi

The Medium and the Message

The social and political implications of the new media and the world wide web have both been extensively praised as well as severely criticised. But one important promise keeps recurring: that of democratisation. The 20th century has seen a … read more

David Van Reybrouck, Ece Temelkuran, Jaap Blonk, Ngwatilo Mawiyoo, Sami Ben Gharbia

The Third Chamber of Parliament

Third Chamber chair Ruben Maes invites you to debate, interrupt, and introduce amendments. Bring true democracy closer. Even if it is just for one evening. Five guests will spark off the debate: philosopher Maxim Februari opens with a column on the … read more

Christine Otten, David Van Reybrouck, Jaap Blonk, Maxim Februari, Paul van der Gaag, Ruben Maes, Thomas von der Dunk

Wanna Know a Secret?

Get to know a new generation of writers and listen to them reading mysterious passages from their novels. An exciting hour with Dutch stories from home and abroad. In Dutch. read more

Andrew Makkinga, Carolina Trujillo, Daad Kajo, Joost de Vries, Martijn Knol, Özcan Akyol, Richard de Nooy, Tahmina Akefi, Vincent Kruger


DJ Socrates plays his music while host Francis Broekhuijsen keeps us informed on what goes on in the various halls in the theatre. Meanwhile: snacks, drinks and book selling and writers signing their books at Paagman's. read more

DJ Socrates, Francis Broekhuijsen

Arab Demons

January 2011 proved a turning point in the Arab region: people raised their voices and succeeded in chasing away some of their dictators. But what about the demons? Is the real struggle yet ahead? Petra Stienen discusses the current state of the … read more

Mohamed Magani, Petra Stienen, Samar Yazbek, Sami Ben Gharbia

Around the World with Umar - LOL

Humour eases all pain. No matter how deep the sorrow, or how explosive the situation. Are writers present-day jesters and do they get away with mockery, as long as what they say ismeant in jest? Three Pakistani writers cross swords, or rather: … read more

Mohammad Reza Mortazawi, Mohammed Hanif, Rodaan Al Galidi, Umar Mirza, Wajahat Ali

Around the World with Umar - Among the Believers

In countries like Indonesia and Turkey religion gets a hold over politics. Power is changing and so is the way people approach religion. Is religion in politics a doomed path? Or is secularism an overestimated political system, just as stifling as … read more

Ahmad Tohari, Ece Temelkuran, Mohammad Reza Mortazawi, Umar Mirza

Around the World with Umar - Stories from Home

Umar Mirza (the young editor-in-chief of (We're staying and host of the tv programme Mijn moskee is de beste, ( My Mosque is just it) in three programmes takes the audience on a journey. In part 1 we hear new migrants' … read more

Fidan Ekiz, Mohammad Reza Mortazawi, Nadia Bouras, Reggie Baay, Umar Mirza


How shameless or how intimate do writers dare to be? Do they feel embarrassed by their own divulgences or do they enjoy their shamelessness? What is it like to read sexually charged passages that can excite the audience or give it vicarious shame? … read more

Elsbeth Etty, Kristien Hemmerechts, Ted van Lieshout, Yasmine Allas

Long live poetry!

The best poets of the year read their poetry. Those nominated for the VSB Poetry Award, Luuk Gruwez, Ester Naomi Perquin and Menno Wigman perform together with Ellen Deckwitz (C. Buddingh' Prize 2012 for the best poetic debut) and Rodaan Al Galidi … read more

Ellen Deckwitz, Ester Naomi Perquin, Luuk Gruwez, Menno Wigman, Rodaan Al Galidi, Trio Koenijn

One strip cartoon or a thousand words?

One image can hit you harder than a thousand words. A conversation among three Dutch strip cartoonists who in sweeping stories enter upon big issues. They have elevated the strip cartoon to new heights. What can you put into words and what do you … read more

Barbara Stok, Peter Breedveld, Peter van Dongen, Thé Tjong-Khing

Lying the Truth

The world famous Polish writer and journalist Ryszard Kapuscinski (1932-2007) reported numerous historical events in Africa, Asia and Latin America, with a great deal of attention to human detail. The work of writers like Lieve Joris and Geert Mak … read more

Artur Domoslawski, Frank Westerman, Joris van Casteren, Wim Brands

Burger King and Citizenship

The debate on the role of the citizen in democracy is in the spotlights. But is the ordinary citizen waiting for such a king's role? Wouldn't he rather fulfil the role of consumer and doesn't he think that going to the ballot poll once every four … read more

Bas Heijne, David Van Reybrouck, Nelleke Noordervliet, Paul van der Gaag, Willem Schinkel

What I would give my life for

Four writers were inspired by a confronting question: who or what would I give my life for? Four writers, four pleas for a cause which sets them on fire. As surprising as moving: the stories and songs of inspired writers and storytellers. In Dutch. read more

Anousha Nzume, Bart Van Loo, Christine Otten, Manon Uphoff, Roland Colastica

Forget it!

Writers commenting on the black pages in their country's  history. How to deal with the painful questions of the past. Is it the task of writers to investigate them? And if so, are they doing a good job? Isn't forgetting and starting again with a … read more

Alberto Manguel, David Van Reybrouck, Hanaan as-Sjaikh, Hans Goedkoop, Ngwatilo Mawiyoo

Amos Oz and Adriaan van Dis on Ideals

Amos Oz, one of Israel's greatest writers, situates his new novel Between Friends in a kibbutz, the dream of the collective. In his book Tikkop Adriaan van Dis looks back on the ideals of the ANC, which fought for a better society in South … read more

Adriaan van Dis, Amos Oz, Bas Heijne

Alberto Manguel: A Life of Reading

Argentina-born writer and world citizen Alberto Manguel counts as a passionate reader, who manages to convey his love for the written word with contagious enthusiasm. Writing is seduction, writing is an act of resistance, writing is the moment in … read more

Alberto Manguel, Wim Brands

Writers' Fest 2013

The festival closes with a Writers' Fest in the Koninklijke Schouwburg. A programme around Dutch literature, with performances by among others Joke van Leeuwen, Nico Dijkshoorn, Ronald Giphart, Bart Moeyaert, jazz singer Denise Jannah and pianist … read more

Bart Moeyaert, Denise Jannah, Ellen Deckwitz, Guus Janssen, Jaap Cohen, Joke van Leeuwen, Lucas Hüsgen, Marja Pruis, Nico Dijkshoorn, Pieter Steinz, Roland Colastica, Ronald Giphart, Stephan Enter, Wouter Godijn

Adriaan van Dis and Ahmad Tohari on the future of Indonesia

After Soeharto's downfall Indonesia opened up to transparency and democracy. However, in reality corruption is rampant, while ethnic tensions remain. Writer Ahmad Tohari wrote about the love-hate relationship with his country. Adriaan van Dis made … read more

Adriaan van Dis, Ahmad Tohari, Michel Maas

NRC Reading Club Live - The Leopard

The reading club discusses The Leopard (Il Gattopardo, 1958) by Guiseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa. In 2012 a reprint appeared of the much acclaimed translation by Anthonie Kee. Reason enough to (re)read this historical novel - set in 19th century … read more

Bas Heijne, Elsbeth Etty, Marjolijn van Heemstra, Michel Krielaars

Among Friends - a conversation with Amos Oz

Amos Oz, Israel's leading writer, is often mentioned as a likely candidate for the Nobel Prize for literature. In 1998 he won the Israel Prize for literature and the prestigious Goethe Prize, a triennial award for excellence in literature. His book … read more

Amos Oz, Michel Krielaars

Winternachten Lecture by Hanan Al-Shaykh

Shame in the Arab world. Shame as part of culture and literature. On this subject Lebanese writer Hanan al-Shaykh wrote an opening lecture on the invitation of the festival. Hanan al-Shaykh is regarded one of the most important Arabic woman writers. … read more

Hanaan as-Sjaikh, Jet Bussemaker, Mohammed Hanif, Ngwatilo Mawiyoo, Peter Buwalda, Petra Stienen

Oxfam Novib PEN Awards

With the PEN Awards Oxfam Novib and Dutch PEN honour writers, journalists and filmmakers who, against the current, and at the risk of their own lives, search for the truth and spread it. Writer an secretary of PEN Netherlands Manon Uphoff will … read more

Joris van Casteren, Manon Uphoff, Michel Maas, Petra Stienen, Remco Breuker, Samar Yazbek, Sheila Sitalsing