Winternachten 2009

Wintercafé 1: Arthur Japin

'Listen, drink a glass and feel how warm a winternight can be in the Wintercafé' . And it sure got very warm at the Wintercafé! With readings, short interviews and music by born improviser Behsat Üvez. On Saturday night hosts were Neske Beks and … read more

Wintercafé 4 The folds of language

In The Folds of Language Selim Temo (Kurdish), Kamran Nazirli (Azerbaijani) and Gündüz Vassaf (Turkey) read and talked about their daily struggle not to have their language kidnapped by politics or taboo. Turkish/Dutch/English. read more

Wintercafé 2: Pupils & Hélène Gelèns on revelations

As on Friday night, pupils from local secondary schools showed their poetic disposition and were reading their work on the topic of revelations. Poet Hélène Gelèns also read from her work. read more

Wintercafé 4: You don't know what you see

Two scientists on the question 'what is the function of our manipulative brain?' Psychologist Katinka van der Kooij investigates how our brain falsifies reality nonstop. In her recently published book of short stories Without Exit she gratefully … read more

Wintercafé 3: Metamorphoses

In the programme Metamorphoses three authors read about metamorphoses with gusto. Gündüz Vassaf (Turkey) made Istanbul speak. Nury Vittachi (Hongkong) gave satirical examples of East-West metamorphoses. And the Moroccan writer Youssouf Amine Elalamy … read more

Wintercafé 2: Masquerades

Pupils from local secondary schools just did it: climbing the stage of the wintercafé and reading their poetry on the topic of 'masquerades'. In Dutch. In preparation their class was visited by poet Jan Baeke, they read and analysed poetry and … read more

Wintercafé 3 Tip Marugg

A 'pre-read' at Winternachten round writer Tip Marugg (1923-2006). Journalist Petra Possel read from No-one Is an Island , in which she defies the myth of Marugg as a hermit. Poet Carel de Haseth read newly discovered poems, included in the … read more

Wintercafé 1: Herman Koch

The newly introduced Wintercafé, was a succes. A place at the festival where there was ample space for readings and short, informal interviews. There was music, you could have a drink and the hosts provided an informal atmosphere. A four-part … read more

Poets of the memory - Suriname/Antilles

mud of Suriname sticking to the soles of my feet still leaving traces behind on the shiny tile paving of Holland Writes the Hindustani-Surinamese poet and musician Raj Mohan. In the programme Poets of the Memory fourpoets shared the stage with … read more

International poetry: The Right Word

'It only needed to be found,' Esther Jansma writes in her poem 'Everything is new'. In this international poets' programme four poets of stature talked to each other about their quest for words. With Esther Jansma, the Lebanese poet Joumana Haddad, … read more

The Language of my Heart - Tamazight

In the programme 'Taal van mijn hart' the three authors - Ahmed Essadki, El-Mahdi Acherchour and Rachida Lamrabet - read and talk about the role of Tamazight or Berber in their writing. Berber is spoken in Morocco, Algeria and Libya. During this … read more

The Real Thing 3: Art

Theme of the third part of the triptych hosted by Michaël Zeeman was art : 'If a feature film is the mise en scene of emotions, then the documentary is the mise en scene of reality,' Heddy Honigmann said about her documentaries. Honigmann talked to … read more

The Real Thing 2: Religion

Part two of the triptych 'The Real Thing', hosted by Michaël Zeeman, was supposed to deal with religion. During the programme however, a discussion on identity became the topic between Nuruddin Farah and Ilija Trojanow. Watch the interviews with … read more

The Real Thing 1: Morality

Ethicists, writers and artists talked to each other about their quest for truth and genuineness. A pure tone, a clear line, the rules of the game: What do these concepts mean to them? The Real Thing was a full evening's, three-part programme … read more

The Fake Nation

Three writers on national identity and nationalism and how to write in opposition to it. In an essay Margriet de Moor wrote about 'a tawdry belief in the private myth ' of 'openness, tolerance and freethinking'. The Turkish writer and columnist … read more

How Illusions Can Change Your Life - with Alain de Botton

Is illusion the source of happiness? This question philosopher and columnist Stine Jensen put to Alain de Botton. In his latest book The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work , launched at Winternachten, he finds happiness in work. 'Our work will at any … read more

'Travellers' Tales'

In the satirical columns on his site 'The Curious Diary of Mr Jam' Nury Vittachi (Hongkong) plays with stereotype images of East and West. He discussed with Laksmi Pamuntjak on how westerners and Asians see each other. This Indonesian writer and … read more

It really happened

Contemporary readers yearn for true strories. In the bookstores there are piles of books with literary non-fiction and the jury of the AKO literature prize never nominated so much nonfiction. Why does the genre have such an appeal to readers and … read more

True Fiction - conversation with Amitav Ghosh

Amitav Ghosh is one of the best known writers from India. With his latest novel Sea of Poppies , the Dutch translation was launched at Winternachten, he pocketed a nomination for the Booker Prize. The first part of a trilogy, it tells the story of … read more

Connie Palmen's State of the Novel: 'Fake it till you make it'

'The Truth is fiction', according to Connie Palmen in her opening performance at Winternachten. Especially for Winternachten she wrote a State of the Novel: 'Fake it till you make it'. By now fiction influences important aspects of our daily life, … read more

Five Do's and Don'ts for Barack Obama

Five writers and thinkers from four corners of the globe came together at Winternachten to provide Barack Obama with their do's and don'ts . After formulating their piece of advice students of the Institute of Social Studies reacted on the … read more

NRC's Readers' Club Live

Nuruddin Farah's novel Maps was the subject of the special live edition of NRC Handelsblad's readers' club. The novel, on geographical as well as mental boundaries, is part of the newspaper's AfriCanon. Farah's Africa and Africa in the media: … read more

How to Bluff your Way into Turkish Literature

In the crash course 'How to Bluff Your Way into Turkish Literature' the richness of Turkish language and literature was presented. No fewer than five writers had been invited by Winternachten: three writers from Turkey, a Turkish poet from the Greek … read more

Winternachten Lecture - Nuruddin Farah

'Nuruddin Farah poses questions which, once asked, don't give you a moment's rest, the American weekly Newsweek wrote about the Somali author. Nuruddin Farah (1945) delivered the annual Winternachten lecture, which was organised for the third … read more