Winternachten 2006

In memoriam Henk van Woerden

In November of last year the painter, writer and non-conformist thinker Henk van Woerden suddenly died. As a contrary thinker he was involved in Winternachten for years, both as artistic advisor and as Winternachten foundation boardmember. In a … read more

The Papiamento dictation of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

It does not come as a surprise that very few speakers of Papiamento and Papiamentu can also spell in their mother tongue. Although the spelling has been officially established, teaching spelling has only for some years been part of the official … read more

Out of the bottomless foundations of this charnel kingdom

"Uit de bodemloze fundamenten van dit knekelrijk rijst een nieuwe schijnwereld, ontplooit zich leven à la opblaasboot." (out of the bottomless/ foundations of this/charnel kingdom/rises a new fake world/life unfolds/like a rubber dinghy). Thus … read more

Film choice of Frank Martinus Arion

"Read the book before it's destroyed by Hollywood!" Authors and the filming of books are at odds with one another. The Curaçaon author Frank Martinus Arion awaits with a certain amount of scepticism for the filming of his masterpiece Dubbelspel … read more

The film choice of Deborah Jack

The fickleness of memory is an important theme in the work of Drisana Deborah Jack, a poet and artist from St Martin. What do our memories mean? Why do we remember one thing and forget the other? She not only investigates personal memory but also … read more

Mr Blokker, how do you do that?

'There is not one square meter of Dutch earth that does not have an education centre, a youth club, a cultural centre, or a shelter with a staff led by somebody called Dick, John or Arnold, wearing a beard and talking the whole day about communicati… read more

The remake of Uncle Tom's cabin

"Aha, you must be the lady who started the civil war and has abolished slavery", said president Lincoln at the time to Harriet Beecher Stowe, author of Uncle Tom's cabin . Can literature have such an important role? When history has overtaken … read more

Presentation of the schoolchildren's poetry contest

The Woorddansers present the results of a project from Huis van Gedichten: pupils of the Johan de Witt College in The Hague were asked to write poetry about 'heroes of the mind'. They will recite their own work. Dutch spoken. read more

Colonial history of the East and West

Frank Martinus Arion (1936, Curacao) en Eka Kurniawan (1975, Indonesia) met each other last summer during the Winternachten tour of Indonesia. Despite different generations and continents they found in each other a common interest, that of colonial … read more

Candid Indonesian

In her sensational debut novel Ode aan Leopold Von Sacher-Masoch ( Ode to Leopold von Sacher-Masoch) (2002), about sadomasochism and transsexualism, Muslima Dinar Rahayu discovers "a surrealistic view on life and fate, mixed with the delusions, … read more

Indonesia: from censorship to unprecedented freedom

For years journalist/writer Goenawan Mohamad fought for the freedom of speech in Indonesia. There are no better witnessess of the history of censorship in Indonesia. Also former NRC correspondent Dirk Vlasblom talks about his experiences with the … read more

In search of the independent mind - part 3

The evening closes with a discussion between all the participants of the search. Perhaps from this they can come to some conclusions as to how independent thinking can be protected. And last but not least Samuel Beckett's vision on human thinking: … read more

In search of the independent mind - part 2

In the second part of the search visual artist Marlene Dumas, biologist Tijs Goldschmidt and composer Theo Loevendie discuss the (im)possibility of autonomous creation. Maybe we should take our lead from such eminant autonomous creators as the … read more

In search of the independent mind - part 1

Do they still exist, the independent thinkers, the non-conformists? Are they still given some elbow-room in our shrinking world? The South African writer Breyten Breytenbach provides us with a manual of do's and don'ts to help us preserve our … read more

Tell me about Surinam

In the small community of Surinam it is not easy to be critical. But nevertheless master story teller Rappa does it in a lighthearted, anecdotal way. He shares the stage with his fellow countrywoman Henna Goudzand. Her recently published novel Hele … read more

Young in Africa

'Imagine that you are young, talented and ambitious and live in the anti-utopia known as Nigeria: half the world has imposed severe sanctions on your country. All you hear on the radio is that your land is being sucked into the quaqmire', writes the … read more

Ode to the Caribbean woman

Austin Clarke from Barbados and Drisana Deborah Jack from St Martin, two writers in diaspora, discuss in their work the role of the black Caribbean woman. In spite of her oppressed position, she is strong, proud and confident. For both writers their … read more

Long live satirical poetry

Een Antwerpse Mis-pop Een Swijn van den Bisschop Derft hier komen raesen En gnurcken, en knorren En schelden, en morren En kijven, en kauten Met Rijmen vol fauten This is how the poet W.G. Foquenbroch once wrote about an Antwerp bishop. The … read more

Between fool and preacher

What do you do as independent cabaret artist and the message in your act has lost its urgency, and your ideas have become public property? What is the relationship between humour and morality, or in other words: when does a fool become a preacher? … read more

The world, the writer and the philosopher

Does it make any difference to the world what a writer does? Can he write autonomous and avoid the expectations of the outside world, or does he have to take a position concerning social reality? P.F. Thomese opens the debate with a plea for the … read more

The language conflict - a debate on language policy in Surinam, the Antilles and the Netherlands

Papiamentu, Papiamento, Sranantongo, Sarnami, English, Dutch... The languages of the Antilles and Surinam are under pressure. What is the status of Papiamentu on Curaçao and Bonaire, of Papiamento on Aruba and English on St Martin? And what about … read more

Reading Club Live

The NRC Handelsblad Reading Club performs live at Winternachten. Four employees and editors of this paper, Abdelkader Benali, Elsbeth Etty, Bas Heijne and Pieter Steinz (panel chairman) discuss Salman Rushdie's Shalimar the clown . Each one of … read more

I capitulate - a debate about threats, solidarity and self-censorship in art and journalism

Freedom of speech is under pressure in the Netherlands. Almost every artist or journalist who has appeared in the news as a result of receiving threats, has capitulated. From theatre director Johan Doesburg (Fassbinder's The dirt, the city and … read more