Winternachten 2005

Hella's lessons

At this time in the programma, writer Hella Haasse would have spoken on her latest book 'Bij de les' ( At the lesson ) on school-posters on the Netherlands-Indies, used in schools in the colonial era. Last Friday Mrs. Haasse informed us that she … read more

The unfamiliar and the familiar

Two writerson the unfamiliar and the familiar. In Margriet de Moor's case it is often about the confrontation between her own traditions and detachment. In the case of the Turkish-German Emine Özdamar it is all about movement and the search for … read more

VPRO De Avonden - live from Winternachten

In the second hour of this live broadcast from Winternachten, Wim Brands and Roel Bentz van den Berg present the Dutch poet Alfred Schaffer, Erich Zielinski from Curaçao who made his debut later in life, the South African poet Diana Ferrus and the … read more

Look, a Negro!

Up until 1997 one could admire a preserved and mounted human being in a museum in the Catalonean town of Banyoles, 'El Negro' was a black South African who, after persistant worldwide protest, was returned and buried in Africa. This little bit of … read more

The house of the people - on the threshold between East and West

The Turkish writer Elif Shafak and her Dutch colleague Vonne van der Meer create in their novels a world based on human relationships, where coincidence brings characters together or uproots their lives. Chaired by Joyce Roodnat, the two novelists … read more

Turkey - the Netherlands - live on VPRO radio De Avonden

How does a mixed or shared identity influence authorship? How does the Turkish culture openly reveal itself in Europe? Panel chairman Wim Brands will put these and other questions to three Turkish-Dutch writers: the newcomer Mesut Balik, thriller … read more

The Visual Poem

In a time when the image culture becomes more and more invasive, the visual poem has fallen out of favour. Five poets will make an attempt to bring this tradition back to life: Wim Brands, Def. P, Hagar Peeters, Alfred Schaffer and Simon Vinkenoog. … read more

Poetry programme: Dirty Harry and the police dog

Do you feel lucky, punk? These famous words immediately bring an image to mind. Onno Kosters, who made his debut in 2004, turns these words into a poem. Poems inspired by photo's, tv images or comic books: Menno Wigman wrote poems inspired by old … read more

Surinam and love

Writer Joanna Werners leads her audience into her novel Schaamteloze warmte (Shameless warmth), about the love felt between white and black women. The Surinam poet Roland Julen describes his unattainable dream. Clark Accord, who is known for his … read more

Forbidden words in South Africa

What happens when language controls the course of events? When a zoo as a result of wrong spelling suddenly is no longer a zoo? The South African writer Ivan Vladislavic describes such a situation in his novel The Restless Supermarket, of which … read more

Empty handed I went to sleep. A new sound from the Antilles.

'The first worthy follower to Frank Martinus Arion's Dubbelspel ' (Double play), wrote Michiel van Kempen in his review of the exciting debut novel of Erich Zielinski from Curaçao. De Engelenbron (The Angel well) takes place in the colorful, … read more

Poetry from Indonesia and Malaysia

Malay and Bahasa Indonesian are closely related languages. In recent years writers and poets from both countries have worked with one another regularly. For instance the Javanese poet Agus Sarjono and his Malayan colleague Eddin Khoo. They will … read more

Papua, the stolen independance

West-Papua was promised independance once. But Mr Luns and president Soekarno thought otherwise. Dirk Vlasblom, NRC correspondent in Jakarta, has written the first extensive history of West-Papua. He tried to write as much as possible from the … read more

In the beginning there was the image...

In the beginning there was the image, and the image was with God and the Word was Willem Jan Otten's. In an opening speech, especially written for Winternachten, the poet, writer, essayist and playwright gives his vision of this Winternachten … read more

Beyond description

For some people those golden rocket tits, designed by Gaultier for Madonna, were beyond description. Writers Troy Blacklaws (South Africa), Tijs Goldschmidt, Eddin Khoo (Malaysia) and Bas Heijne choose an image from their country or culture that is … read more

VPRO'S O.V.T. (imperfect past tense) - live from Winternachten

This historical radio programme from the VPRO is one of the most popular programmes on Radio 1. This time it will broadcast live from The Hague as part of the Winternachten programme. Literary- historical subjects will be handled. One of the guests … read more

The Discontent of the East

Five panel members, chaired by publicist Michaël Zeeman, discuss the situation of mutual distrust between East and West. From where does this distrust arise? Are the anti Western sentiments that are now felt, specifically of these times, or do they … read more

Surinam and the Antilles: should aid workers go?

In this public debate a closer look is taken at the development cooperation between the Netherlands, Surinam and the Antilles. This phenomenon takes many different forms: governmental development cooperation, the help offered by Dutch, Surinam and … read more

Poem - interpreted - illustrated

What you always wanted to know but never dared to ask. Anna Enquist and Jean Pierre Rawie will teach you how to write poetry. Together with the audience each of the poets will interpret a visually expressive poem, chosen from world literature. At … read more