Winternachten 2004

VPRO - De Avonden, live radio from Winternachten

In the second hour of the live radio broadcast of VPRO'S De Avonden, presentator Wim Brands talks with amongst others the writers Antjie Krog, Wim Westerman and Henk van Woerden. The new book by Antjie Krog, Liederen van de Blauwkraanvogel (Songs … read more

The seers - poetic visions

Climbers of mount Olympus, romantic idealists, Doktor Spocks and bungyjumpers to hell, write themselves a poetic road to the future. Four poets and their vision: Pieter Boskma, Ruben of Gogh, Astrid Lampe and Christine Otten were commissioned by … read more

VPRO De Avonden: The Seers - visions in poems

Four poets translated especially for Winternachtentheir visions into poetry. These are: the young performing poet Tjitske Janse, poet and performer Ramona Maranis, Mustafa Stitou and Erik Menkveld. Presentator Wim Brands talks during the festival … read more

The clones of god

Forty years ago the famous words 'I had a dream' made a lot of impression. Nowadays, if we are to believe the advertisements, the question 'beer?' appeals more to the imagination. Who makes what is bent straight asked Ecclesiastes and we with him. … read more

Perditionists and balloonists

Writer Robert Menasse (Vienna) described the 19th century Austrian movement of 'perditionists'. Tonight he reads his oracle on the future of Europa. Moderated by Michaël Zeeman. English spoken. read more

Dreams and ideals from the Antilles

What would the Antilles have looked like if the revolution of 1969 had not been surpressed? Barche Baromeo sketches that other future in his novel E Parto. Lasana Sekou from Saint Martin, in his fierce resistance poems, and Carel de Haseth from … read more

Van Dis in Optima Forma

Adriaan van Dis loves languages that 'make love to one another'. He calls it Loving Language. Recently he put together a whole edition of the literary magazine Optima about this very subject. He asked amongst others Abdelkader Benali, Michiel van … read more

Surinam, land of my dreams

After growing up in Surinam the poets Antoine de Kom and Raj Ramdas chose a future in the Netherlands. However the Surinamese author Tessa Leuwsha - her debut novel wil appear in 2004 - grew up in the Netherlands, and chose a future in the country … read more

Idealism, commitment and literature in Indonesia

Two writers who through their work want to make a conscious contribution towards a new future for Indonesia. The young Molukkan writer Nukila Amal reads from her much praised debute novel Cala Ibi : The main character in the story enters into a … read more

Putu Wijaya: the oracle of Asia

Putu Wijaya is one of the most important prose writers in Indonesia. For Winternachten this excellent performer wrote a 'Prophecy' concerning the future of Asia. He will discuss this with Chris Keulemans. After that he will read various extracts … read more

Indonesia: the hidden history of 1965.

The events around the removal of Soekarno by Suharto in 1965 leave many unanswered questions. Who was behind the coup and the violent consequences? In Indonesia only now the stories are being heard of the murders and persecution of thousands of … read more

Ideal State or trade partner?

For years, the American writer, journalist Adrian Nicole LeBlanc observed families in the Bronx. For them it is hard to imagine a futre. Tom Gilling, from Australia, and LeBlanc will prophecy the future of their continent. Will Australia orientate … read more

Is groot kak coming?

Is South-Africa developing in the same direction as Zimbabwe? Who will live longer: the cynic or the idealist, the traditionalist or the innovator? What is the effect of Apartheid on the private lives of people? Three South-African writers – Zakes … read more

For happiness and fatherland

A surpressed people walks towards the New Land. But is new always better? When does an ideal become an obligatory ode or a failure? Should we abolish ideals and is it better to allow dreams to remain dreams? Writers Thomas Rosenboom and Frank … read more

Opening: The Oracle of Africa

The South-African writer and jounalist Antjie Krog opened Winternachten with the first in a series of six Delphic sayings. Afterwards she talks with the Iranian/Dutch poet and scientist Afshin Ellian on the South-African Truth- and Reconciliation … read more

Winternachten - Preview

Before Winternachten starts with its major programme, the journalist and literary critic Michaël Zeeman gives his view on the theme of this year's festival: future and ideals. After this, writer Nelleke Noordervliet presents a varied programme with … read more

The kingdom a realm of dreams?

Seldom was the relationship between The Netherlands and the Antilles so turbulent as now. Just in the year the Dutch Kingdom Charter celebrates its fiftieth anniversary. In this charter, the relationship between Holland and its colonies was … read more

Poems analysed and put to music

Everything you always wanted to know, but never dared to ask. Writers Adriaan van Dis and Gerrit Komrij give a lesson in poetry. For and with the audience, they each analyse one poem from world literature on the theme of dreams and ideals. In the … read more

The future is not a fairy-tale

Once apon a time there was a girl, that climbed to the top of a tower of books, high above the clouds. What is the view like up there? Is she safe? What will become of her? Authors Manon Uphoff and Thea Doelwijt, writer and performer Said El Haji, … read more