Winternachten 2003

Sermonizing: Joost Zwagerman

'Once we were proud of Maarten 't Hart and Jan Wolkers who fought the Dutch Reformed narrowmindedness.', said writer Joost Zwagerman when he was asked about the new social engagement. Zwagerman is certainly socially engaged, since he has been … read more

Sermonizing: Monique Hoogmoed

Are Surinamese better than Maroccans, was the title of a television show made by Monique Hoogmoed and Samira Aboos in 2001. They took a close look at Dutch multicultural society. Hoogmoed is a wonderful candidate to give a sermon on the Dutch. read more

Sermonizing: Abdelkader Benali

'How many wrong Dutch do we have? People with the wrong visions, wrong bank accounts, wrong holiday trips to Thailand? 'They all live in Holland, nobody asks them to leave', declared writer Abdelkader Benali when he was asked about the thin varnish … read more

Sermonizing: Herman Franke

Whether they are social or cultural values, Herman Franke eradicates every kind of superficiality every two weeks in his column in De Volkskrant. Whether it is the lack of literary programmes on television, the mass hysteria that emerged after the … read more

Sermonizing: Sevtap Baycili

Better than anyone Sevtap Baycili knows how to describe the Dutch multicultural society. In her book The foreigner's nightmare (De Nachtmerrie van de Allochtoon) she describes in an amusing way how indiginous Dutch and immigrants live together. A … read more

Double Fatherland

Foreigners in Holland are often amazed about the low esteem that the Dutch show for their culture. What about those writers in our country that have a second or maybe a a third home-country? What made the Maroccan writer Fouad Laroui come to the … read more

The Shallows in the West

Beautiful holiday islands, pity of those drug-trafficers. Is that the image that the Dutch have of the Dutch Antilles? What should the Antillians think of the Netherlands, where the market is for these same drugs. Three poets give us their picture … read more

A Surinamese View on Holland

Three Surinamese women have their own view on our country. Two of them live in Holland: dramatist Thea Doelwijt and journalist and writer Mala Kishoendajal. She recently published the novel Boegbeeld on the politician Tara Singh Varma, who … read more

The Undutchables

Actors/writers Kees van Kooten and Herman Koch discuss old and new clichees on the Dutch, together with our concience from Flanders, writer Geert van Istendael. Moderated by writer Ed van Eeden. read more

Blind with one's eyes open

A discussion with writers Bas Heijne and Herman Franke, moderated by Michaël Zeeman. On the failure of Dutch intellectuals to foresee or understand last year's developments in politics. read more

I love Holland

'Strange that only one belief has survived in Holland: we still feel Dutch.', was writer Geert Mak's conclusion after describing the many changes that the Dutch may expect in society. But what about this feeling? Are we as patriottic as the … read more

Indonesian poetry from Bali and Jakarta

Two young femal poets, from Bali and Jakarta. Writing poetry in Indonesia is almost a political act nowadays. Rieke Diah Pitaloka wrote a poem on the bomb-attack in Bali. Oka Rusmini lives on this island. A strong political engagement speaks from … read more

Indonesian picture of Holland

In present day Indonesia the past ages of Dutch rule hardly matter any more. But the collected poems by Zeffry Alkatiri bear the title 'From Batavia to Jakarta 1619-1999' and novelist and screenplay-writer Remy Sylado uses the last days of the Dutch … read more

Liberators, occupants and freedom fighters

Japan as the liberator of Indonesia. It is an image that is not accepted by the Ducth. Last year a Japanese movie, Merdeka, showed that general Japanese view on history. How different are the views on the common past of Japan, The Netherlands and … read more

Self-portrait of South-Africa

'I see people rising from the putrid smells of oppresion. But I also see their wounds', writes the main character in The Quiet Violence of Dreams by K. Sello Duiker. He speaks with his elder fellow-countryman Etienne van Heerden. Literary critic … read more

South-Africa, Flanders and The Netherlands: Unity of culture?

Is is just the language that connects part of South-Africa with Flanders and the Netherlands? Benno Barnard, a Dutch writer living in Flanders for most of his life, meets South-African writer Etienne van Heerden and the Dutch writer Henk van … read more

The Final Judgement on The Netherlands

What's happening to The Netherlands? Is the moralizing attitude still appropriate? Criticizing others has never cost the Dutch much trouble. But how about self-criticism? Writer Leon de Winter opens the festival with a sermon, giving his 'final … read more

New Iconoclasms - debate

Cultural identity in an international perspective. A panel discussion in co-operation with the Prince Claus Fund for Culture and Development. The existing image and identity of The Netherlands are no longer valid, or at least incomplete. In its … read more

My National Anthem

Holland is no longer the country it used to be. Are we ready for a new national anthem? Six writers and poets from The Netherlands and abroad present their personal alternative on this afternoon. Writer/commentator Theodor Holman, Gibi Bacilio … read more

Copyright The Netherlands - debate

The National Monument for the Commemmoration of Slavery now stands in Amsterdam. Does the historic awareness of the Surinamese and Antillian community deserve a monument as well? What is the state of history-writing in the West-Indies. Is its source … read more

Nation Building and Writing History

Nation Building is the process in which citizens of a country develop a sense of a common identity. The writer, the journalist and the historian play major parts in this process. How do they deal with that responsibility? Do they feel free to be … read more