Winternachten 2002

Sermonizing: Frank Martinus Arion

'Many of the problems of the Antilles would be solved if the men would understand more of female sexuality'. A preach on morals by the writer from Curaçao. Dutch spoken. read more

Sermonizing: Stephan Sanders

In his sermon on Passion and Love the writer Stephan Sanders gave us a picture of sex-life in the gay-scene. Dutch spoken. read more

Sermonizing: Antjie Krog

South Africa and love. According to president Thabo M'Beki, AIDS has nothing to with sex, but everything with poverty. Free condoms were handed out, but the story goes they were all faulty due to the staple with which they were attached to the … read more

Sermonizing: Anne Vegter

Dutch author Anne Vegter held a sermon on the State of Passion and Love, in which she gave some instructions in love-making. Dutch spoken. read more

Sermonizing: Naima el Bezaz

One of the young literary talents in The Netherlands. In her sermon on the State of Passion and Love she told the story of a young married woman in Morocco. Dutch spoken. read more

Sermonizing: Jan Mulder

In the Dutch tv show 'Barend & Van Dorp' we see him tackle any form of political correctness. No sweet talking for him. In a sermon Jan Mulder gave his vision on the miserable State of Passion and Love in The Low Countries. Dutch spoken. read more

Surinamese Love-Poetry from the Lowlands

Our climate doesn't stop Surinam and Antillean poets from writing poems about love. With poets John Leefmans, Raj Ramdas and Soegiman Kromopawiro. Dutch spoken. read more

Love Makes History

Illegal love affairs are of all times. Relationships between black and white during the era of slavery and colonialism, relationships with prostitutes, adultery - Surinam literature has a rich history of love. In this program, three Surinam authors … read more

The Language of Love

Antjie Krog and Kristien Hemmerechts are both masters in writing odes to loved ones. 'Liefste, jy mág nie doodgaan nie' (Dearest one, you can not die), Antjie Krog wrote in her collection Kleur komt nooit alleen nie (Color never comes alone). This … read more

Talking with André Brink

Passion and love in South-African literature. This subject is strongly connected with one of the great writers of South-Africa, André Brink. On invitation of Winternachten, he visited the Netherlands to talk with journalist Michaël Zeeman on his … read more

Every Bakra his Own Mistress

To add a little color to a very Dutch relation, teacher Theo from the Dutch town Hoorn, begins a relationship with a Surinam woman in Joost Zwagerman's novel De buitenvrouw (The Mistress). Surinam writer and teacher Annel de Noré, Frank Martinus … read more

Poetry from Madura and Yogyakarta

Zawawi Imron is one of the foremost poets/performers from Indonesia. He invariably manages to captivate his audience, thanks to the impressive performance of his epic poems. He lives on Madura, a small island east of Java. Joko Pinurbo (Yogyakart… read more

Indonesian authors show unprecedented openness

The two writers contributing to this program, describe love and female sexuality with an in Indonesia unprecedented openness. The poems of Dorothea Rosa Herliany show how women take the initiative in love, sometimes even with a hint of machismo. In … read more

The State of Passion and Love

'I tell you, love is a chemical reaction, with an inevitable bad ending'. With these words Gerrit Komrij opened this festival. His sermon was the starting point of a conversation on passion and love, between writer Connie Palmen and 'Happy Hooker' … read more

Hidden Hostility

A monument to remember slavery is an important and sensitive subject matter at the moment, especially for the different (ex-) colonial territories the Caribian. Frank Martinus Arion (Curaçao) is an important spokesman in this matter. With Pauline … read more

Veiled Love

Is there such a thing as middle ground when lovers come from such different worlds as the Jewish and Islamic spheres? Does love cross boundaries between culture and religion? Or does one end up in 'the wrong love story', as happens in Fouad Laroui's … read more


Sukarno is hot! Even his daughter has become president. His biography was published in Jakarta in 2001. It was written by a Dutchman no less, author Lambert Giebels. He talked about his findings with journalist Ed van Westerloo, who had the only … read more

Sex on paper

'The sweetest margerine-advertising I ever heard,' responded writer Stephan Sanders to the sex-scene just his collegue Ronald Giphart just read from his work. 'Sex of men above fourty is disgusting', was one of Gipharts remarks. With Manon Uphoff, … read more

Wingewest van het geweten 2

In 1998 Winternachten organized a panel-discussion with the same title. During that meeting writers Frank Martinus Arion and Adriaan van Dis formed a committee for the erection of a national slavery-monument. In june 2002 the monument will be … read more

Live Anthology: taboos of love and literature

'These are the same people who used to think that anything goes and everything should be allowed. Now they want to prohibit everything which they suspect might bring enjoyment to someone else' (Gerrit Komrij). Maybe 'taboo' is the most culturally … read more