Winternachten 2001

Living in Two Cultures

What is it like to live in two cultures? Which language dominates in thinking and dreaming? Emeritus Professor in History H.W. von der Dunk and writer Ian Buruma discussed this matter from their personal experience (Dutch spoken). read more

Always on the Move

When we talk about diaspora, the first thing that comes to mind is the Jewish diaspora. No other people in history has been hunted so much. In what way do present-day Jewish writers deal with this old - and probably most extensively elaborated - … read more

India in diaspora

Three Surinamese-Hindustani writers who feel linked up to their ancestors in India, who were brought to Surinam as contract-labourers. Their emigration to Holland is a second diaspora. Although one of them, Jit Narain, went back to live in Surinam … read more

The Bombay Lessons

What can we Europeans learn from Indian cities like Bombay? Host Lodewijk Brunt discussed this with Dutch writers Bas Heijne and Michiel van Kempen and Indian architect Ashok Bhalotra. About noise and over-population, things that people in Bombay … read more

Connected through slavery and colonialism

Ellen Ombre, the venomously and precisely observing Surinamese-Dutch writer, poet Lasana M. Sekou of St Maarten, and Netherlands-based Liberian writer Vamba Sherif, share a common offspring. The West African history of slavery and colonialism ties … read more


Being uprooted from one's family, one's culture, or one's country is what happens to thousands of people in the world today. Being uprooted in the literary sense is what Dutch writer Anna Enquist discussed with her Indian colleagues Ardashir Vakil … read more

Return ticket Bollywood

Especially for Winternachten Dutch writer Bas Heijne and his Indian colleague Ardashir Vakil travelled to Bombay's movie world. At the festival they reported on their experiences in the Indian movie industry. They met some of India's most famous … read more

Literature assimilating the past

Shortly before the festival Jan Eijkelboom's book Het Krijgsbedrijf was published, about the Dutch military campaigns during the Indonesian war of independence. Ian Buruma and Breyten Breytenbach discussed the theme from a Japanese and South African … read more

Poetic Worlds

Shortly before the festival two works were published in the Netherlands with a poetic overview of the work of Cees Nooteboom and Breyten Breytenbach. In Lady One, 99 love poems, Breytenbachs most beautiful love poems were collected. Bitterzoet is a … read more

Live Anthology and Debate

What is the most beautiful poem on diaspora? A number of Winternachten guests read their favourite poem from each other's literatures. The writers were introduced by Basil Appollis. Dutch writer Henk van Woerden gave the introductory lecture (in … read more