Inschrijven op de nieuwsbrief

Winternachten 2000

Arab writers coming closer

Arabic novels are being read more and more in The Netherlands.. Winternachten brought together four Arabic writers in a conversation with Michaël Zeeman. Hanaan as-Sjaikh grew up in Lebanon and now lives in London. De Moroccan Fouad Laroui studied … read more

Dutchmen in the Arabic World

As a press-correspondent, a traveler for life and a lawyer they ended up in the Arabic world: Joris Luyendijk, Maurits Berger and Harm Botje. Berger wandered though the Islamic empire and wrote the beautiful book 'De islam is een sinaasappel' (Islam … read more

Poetry and Displacement

Wat will happen to you when you arrive in culture that is not your own? Hafid Bouazza, Judith Herzberg, Hugo Pos and Leo Vroman read their favourite poems on the theme of cultural displacement. 84-years old Dutch poet Leo Vroman took part by a live … read more

Egypt, the Young Generation

Volkskrant-correspondent Joris Luyendijk arrived in Cairo as a student and described his experiences in his book 'Een goede man slaat soms zijn vrouw'. In this programme he speaks about the young generation of Egyptians. He meets one of them, witer … read more

The Uncertain Journey

Hugo Pos (Paramaribo, 1913-2000) was nestor of Surinamese-Dutch literature. Hij made his debut as a writer when he was 71 years of age. He discussed his work and his new book 'De ongewisse tijd'. Jan Brokken lives at Curaçao and from there travels … read more

Javanese Poetry from Surinam and The Netherlands

Surinamese poet Surianto chose to write in Javanese, the language of the country of origin of his parents. He met Hersri, Javanese poet in The Netherlands. Hosted by Michiel van Kempen. Dutch/Javanese spoken. read more

Indonesia: Writers of Freedom

Writer/journalist Goenawan Mohamad; Ayu Utami, a young writer who with her first bestseller novel broke sexual taboos, and Sitok Srengenge, a performing poet from Jakarta. He travelled Aceh and East Timor and reported of his experiences in his … read more

Indonesia and East Timor: Poetry in Exile

Abe Barreto Soares, East-Timorese resistance-poet; Hersri and Agam Wispi, Indonesian poets in exile in The Netherlands met their fellow-countrymen from Indonesia, poets Goenawan Mohamad and Sitok Srengenge. Kees Snoek was hosting the poets. The five … read more

New opportunities for Indonesia

Writer/journalist Goenawan Mohamad, one of the most prominent freedom-activists, talked to Kees Snoek on the position of poets and writers in his country. English spoken. read more

Poetry of Displacement

Michaël Zeeman talked to Marlene van Niekerk, Gerrit Komrij and Adriaan van Dis on their choice of poems on the theme of displacement. Each of them read some poems from world literature. Dutch spoken . read more

Changes of Identities

Shortly before the festival the Dutch translation of Kafka's Curse by South African writer Achmat Dangor was issued in The Netherlands. It is a very enchanting and provocative novel: in order to make a carreer, a colored moslim presents himself a a … read more

The bottom side of history

During the festival the Dutch edition was presented of Marlene van Niekerks novel Triomf, on the hilaric and sad events of a poor white family from the outskirts of Johannesburg. The festival asked Dutch writer Manon Uphoff to read this novel. … read more