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Watch or listen to our video's and podcasts of the Writers Unlimited programmes since 1995. Or have a go for our random selection of three. 

Winternachten 2011

Wintercafe 1: Who's Afraid of Youth?

Pupils of two secondary schools in The Hague climb the stage to read poems they wrote themselves. In the past few months they were visited by poet Rodaan al Galidi, who read poetry with them. Tonight they will perform together with al Galidi. Host: … read more

Winternachten 2016

Hello Brightness! In Search of Enlightenment

Philosopher Stine Jensen had lost her way in finding happiness when she discovered spirituality. In her book Go East! she dives into the world of yoga, meditation and mindfulness. She decides to become a yoga teacher, follows the teachings of an … read more

Winternachten 2018

Book of my life: Charlotte Van den Broeck

Writers talks about their favourite book - the book that inspires or moves them; the book that formed their aristic, moral or intellectual compass; the book that they would recommend to anyone. read more

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