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Wintercafé 1: Herman Koch

Herman Koch- foto Serge Ligtenberg
Herman Koch- foto Serge Ligtenberg

The newly introduced Wintercafé, was a succes. A place at the festival where there was ample space for readings and short, informal interviews. There was music, you could have a drink and the hosts provided an informal atmosphere. A four-part programme.
In part 1 Herman Koch got the mood going: especially for the Wintercafé he wrote a Short History of Deceit. In which he gave a historical account of how from infancy he conjured up a fictitious world. Sometimes it is just more fun to lie. And doesn't amount writing to telling lies? Do we want to believe Kochs lies? This programme was realized in cooperation with DeBuren in Brussels, whom includes Kochs story as a 'radiobook' and broadcasts it worldwide. In Dutch.
Singer, composer and percussionist Victor Sams played the ngoni. The peculiar sound of this old African string instrument, made of gourd, a piece of wood and fishing line, takes you to mysterious heigths. He was accompanied by Nathan Klumperbeek on acoustic bass.