Inschrijven op de nieuwsbrief

The Dutch on the Couch: Stine Jensen

Friday Night Unlimited -

A country sees the doctor — the Netherlands is suffering from burnout. Young and old are working themselves to pieces: placement tests of elementary schoolchildren can make or break their futures; graduates can't find work without four Masters and dozens of side activities; the retirement age keeps getting raised. We live in a continual rat race, and what at first seemed an advantage — endless possibilities compared with the past — is slowly becoming a hindrance. It's the stress of so many choices, and the idea that, since one can in theory lead a perfect life, one ought to. With Professor of psychiatry Damiaan Denys and, as patient The Netherlands, filosopher Stine Jensen. In Dutch.

Stine Jensen has taken the place of Joke Hermsen, who had to cancel because of a flue. Damiaan Denys replaces Gündüz Vassaf, who was announced in the brochure.