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Poetry from Madura and Yogyakarta

Winternacht 1 -
D Zawawi Imron - foto Serge Ligtenberg
D Zawawi Imron - foto Serge Ligtenberg

Zawawi Imron is one of the foremost poets/performers from Indonesia. He invariably manages to captivate his audience, thanks to the impressive performance of his epic poems. He lives on Madura, a small island east of Java.
Joko Pinurbo (Yogyakarta) is a newcomer in Indonesian poetry, and in a short while he grew to become one of the most influential poets. His love poetry often has a light tone, which is supported by his special style of performing.
Ayu Utami and Dorothea Rosa Herliany read from their work as well at the end of this Indonesian night. Indonesian/Dutch spoken.