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In search for the Golden Rule I: the Dutch and rules

Winternachten 1 -
Gerard Spong opent het programma
Gerard Spong opent het programma

In the search for the Golden Rule the first question that comes up is: what is our relationship with rules? In 1962 teenager Gerard Spong came from Surinam to the Netherlands. It was the beginning of a decade in which our country would change deeply in character. Religious rules, rules of life, sexual rules; everything was under review to make place for a new generation of those who tolerated and of fortune hunters. Young Spong saw it all happening and decided to study law; the profession preeminently dealing with rules. Eventually he became one of the most successful criminal law attorneys in the Netherlands. Now, looking back, he takes stock; how do the Dutch relate to rules? Have things run their course and are we experiencing the comeback of strict legislation? Or is there an element of truth in the myth that the Dutch won't be told what to do? After Spong's account writer Bas Heijne will talk with him. In Dutch