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Film: The Yes Men Fix the World

Winternachten 1 -

In advance of the programme Rules for Radicals in the Wintercafé there's a showing of the film The Yes Men Fix the World (2009), about Andy Bichlbaum and Mike Baronno. The two, the Yes Men, have the peculiar and effective hobby to act as CEO's (chief executive officers) of companies they loathe. Lying and bluffing they make their way into business conferences, act as spokespeople of multinationals and have themselves interviewed as such. All with the aim to open the eyes of the public at large for the abject intentions of those companies. Their biggest success came when Bichlbaum, acting as spokesperson of Dow Chemical, made it to a live broadcast of BBC-world tv, declaring that the company, twenty years after the eco-catastrophe in Bhopal, would clear the territory. ENG/NL subtitles