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Film: Je Veux Voir

Winternachten 1 -

For those who have seen the Lebanese conservationist Iman Humaydan in the kleine zaal and want to see the problems with pollution in Lebanon with their own eyes, Je Veux Voir is a must-see. A road movie in which the Lebanese actor Rabih Mroué in the company of Catherine Deneuve journeys by car past the destroyed parts of Lebanon. This results in a poignant portrait of a country that has retained a sense of beauty and hope despite al the destruction. 'Je veux voir', says Catherine Deneuve early on in the film. She is in Lebanon for a gala, and does not object to making a trip past the ruins of bomb-shelled villages with Rabih Mroué. As the film progresses Deneuve says less and less, there in the back of the car. Outside a devastated world files past. French/English subtitles