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Documentary: Black Stone, with an introduction by the author Khaled Khalifa

Black Stone (2006) is the first long documentary by the Syrian filmmaker Nidal Al-Dabas, who earlier made the long fiction-movie 'Under Ceiling'. Al Dabas closely co-operated with the writer Khaled Khalifa, who was co-producer and writer of the scenario. Black Stone is the name of a poor area in South-Damascus. The film follows four children who collect scrap to sell it, and help their poor families with the money. The film depicts the hard life of the children, and at the same time shows how they enjoy their lives and find space to dream. Khaled Khalifa, writer of In praise of hatred (a novel banned in Syria, set in 1982 during the clashes between islamists and the government) will introduce the documentary. In English.
This documentary replaces the earlier announced Arabic animated films by Afkar Media.