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Artificial Intelligence - Short-Film Compilation

Saturday Night Unlimited -
Saturday Night Unlimited: Artificial Intelligence - korte film-compilatie.
Saturday Night Unlimited: Artificial Intelligence - korte film-compilatie.

In this compilation of five shorts -- four from The Netherlands and one from Luxemburg/Fance -- the filmmakers depict views of the relationship between humanity, machine and artificial intelligence with great creativity and, above all, with great realism.

Humanoid - Direction: Eva Wijers, 2018, 6 min.
Humanoid -- or "human or something like it" -- is a 2D frame-to-frame animation with a philosophical slant. It explores how our human self-image is affected by the rise of artificial intelligence. The project is inspired by Max Tegman's book life 3.0, which paints a dizzying picture of the possible near future. Form and content cannot be separated in this minimalist black-and-white film.

Car Craze - Direction: Evert de Beijer, 2003, 12 min.
An original sci-fi animation in which the Earth is ruled by ecologically responsible authorities. The planet seems under control until an eco-auditor discovers a society in which cars have developed into an autonomous life form, where the four-wheelers call the shots and people are reduced to inert, car-addicted passengers.

Bovenkamer/Upper Room - Directon: André Maat, 2015, 3 min.
Comic drama about a tireless guard and his small but important task: he cares for a jar of brains. Then the fuses blow and he makes an irrevocable choice.

Lifeless - Direction: Fokke Mars, Bas Jansen, Max van der Ree, 2016, 2 min.
A new type of organism is born, made not of flesh but of circuits and wires. Behold how the life of this organism unfolds, how it grows and flourishes until it inevitably ends.

Mr. Hublot - Direction: Laurent Witz en Alexandre Espigares, 2014, 11 min.
Mr. Hublot lives in a world in which everything and everyone is mostly built of mechanical parts. The reticent Mr. Hublot is frightened of all change and the big bad world outside his door. He prefers cocooning in his cozy apartment, but the arrival of the dog Robot Pet changes things and turns the world of the good Mr. Hublot upside down. The 2014 Oscar-winner for best animated short!