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Theater aan het Spui & Filmhuis Den Haag
€25,- (Uitpas €23,50 - CJP/Studenten/Ooievaarspas €12,50)



Theater aan het Spui - bookshop

Winternachten 1, the first big full-evening programme in the festival, offers you a choice of programmes on five stages in one theatre. Your ticket gives access to all venues. With literature, film, music, and dozens of guests from The Netherlands and abroad. This evening is opened by Dutch Lawyer Gerard Spong, who'll give his view on the Dutch attitude towards rules. Among the others performing tonight are Raoul Heertje, Tarun Tejpal, Xue Xinran, Bas Heijne, Tash Aw and Hagar Peeters. An international programme from the Arab world, Morocco, Turkey, South-Africa, Indonesia, China and elsewhere in the world.

On the main stage, the evening evolves around the 'Golden Rule'. Wouldn't it be easy if we could thin out the deep and dark wood of regulations to a handful of Golden Rules? Are there any principles we all agree on, no matter where we come from? Or is that aimed too high and do we have to hope for something rules will never be able to fulfil? It is a question that isn't solved in an hour or so. Raoul Heertje meets writers from all corners of the globe in the Grote Zaal for a slightly disorganizing quest for Golden Rules. In the other venues meanwhile all those laboriously acquired Golden Rules are broken ever so cheerfully.