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Wim Brands Reading Club: De Ontheemden (Les Desorientés) by Amin Maalouf

Theater aan het Spui - Zaal 1
€ 15,- (UITpas: € 12,50; CJP/Studenten/Ooievaarspas: € 7,50)
Fouad Laroui, Petra Stienen en Wim Brands - foto Serge Ligtenberg
Fouad Laroui, Petra Stienen en Wim Brands - foto Serge Ligtenberg

Wim Brands, maker and host of the VPRO-programme Brands met Boeken (Brands with Books) on radio and television discusses the Dutch translation of Amin Maalouf's latest novel with the audience. Two writers, Arabist Petra Stienen and Fouad Laroui, lecturer in Arabic culture and French literature at the University of Amsterdam, first give their opinion about the book. Read this beautiful novel and join the Reading Club.

The main character in the novel De ontheemden (The Disoriented) is Adam, a historian. He lives in exile in Paris, far away from Lebanon, the country he had to flee twenty-five years earlier. But one telephone call is enough to make him return at once. An old friend is dying and wants to see Adam one more time. In Lebanon Adam rediscovers the people and the places he used to love so much. His friends have all made different choices; some of them have blood on their hands. But who is Adam to judge them? Wasn't his exile a luxury, which made him distance himself from the difficulties his friends had to struggle with? '

In an excellent way Amin Maalouf gives an insight into the thoughts and feelings that can lead to emigration. […] A splendid, impressive novel.' Le Monde des Livres

'Maalouf writes exciting novels of an exceptionally high level.' NRC Handelsblad

On Sunday morning 12 January the literary programme Brands met Boeken on the tv channel Nederland 1 was be dedicated to Amin Maalouf. You can watch the English spoken interview here.