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Wall to Wall

Poetry and music in the Nieuw Waldeck Library - with Ingmar Heytze and Johan Borger

Bibliotheek Nieuw Waldeck
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Musical poet Ingmar Heytze and poetic musician Johan Borger found each other in the winter of 2010, on either side of a black Fender Stringmaster during a rehearsal in an ice-cold, deserted venue. Their shared love for lap-steel and vintage guitars, Americana, Gillian Welch and Robert M. Pirsig evolved into a friendship - a small universe of music, poetry and the quest for quality.

Their program "Wall to Wall," seen and heard on 17 June 2022 in the Nieuw Waldeck Library, is a catchy and continuous conversation between friends from different worlds. It's a road trip for the mind, an intimate show about conscious living and the quest for the meaning of the concept of "quality". Above all, it's a meeting of music and literature.