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Villa Escamp Literair: Abeer Soliman and Iman Humaydan

Villa Escamp
Entree: € 2,50 voor bewoners uit de wijk Escamp en leden van Bibliotheek Den Haag. Alle overige gasten: € 6,50.
Iman Humaydan - foto Reine Mahfouz
Iman Humaydan - foto Reine Mahfouz

Two writers from the Arab World, Abeer Soliman from Egypt, and Iman Humaydan from Lebanon. Both are socially engaged, and concerned with the position of women in their countries. Abeer Soliman has been staying in the Netherlands since December, and is surprised about the Western image of women in the Arab world. Scarf or no scarf? Oppressed or not? Iman Humaydan is a writer who also works as a researcher, journalist and an environmental and human rights activist. For the months of January and February she is a writer in residence in The Hague, as a guest of Kosmopolis The Hague ( In this period she gets to know the city, and the Dutch perspective on her country. Is she surprised about our ideas on women in the Arab world? Iman en Abeer will read from their work. They will talk with each other and with the audience. The programme will be  moderated by Djûke Poppinga, a literary translator Arabic-Dutch. The conversation will be in English, when necessary translated into Arabic and Dutch.

Villa Escamp is on the corner of the Leyweg and the  Melis Stokelaan, Leyweg 795, 2545 HA Den Haag, Reservation is necessary, through or +31 (0) 70 359 57 79 (Wednesdays through Sundays 12.00-17.00 hrs).