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Verhalen die verbinden (Connecting Stories)

About the significance of 150 years of abolition of slavery; with Astrid H. Roemer, Tessa Leuwsha, Babs Gons, Daphne Huisden, Shantie Singh, Angel ArunA, Rabin Baldewsingh. Music by Holland Baroque, Lucretia Starke and Artur den Hartog.

Theater aan het Spui - Zaal 1
€15 | DenHaagPas €12,50 | T/m 30 jaar / Ooievaarspas €7,50.
Winternachten internationaal literatuurfestival Den Haag 2023 - illustratie: Gwen Stok, grafisch ontwerp: Eindeloos.
Winternachten internationaal literatuurfestival Den Haag 2023 - illustratie: Gwen Stok, grafisch ontwerp: Eindeloos.

Dark, forgotten and forbidden pages: it is taking a long time for the colonial history of the Netherlands to penetrate our collective memory. But history has many forms of transmitting lore, of which stories are the most powerful. They are passed from one continent to another, from generation to generation. And then, with great imagination and creativity, they are recorded in literature, music and language. In this way, the stories come to belong to everyone. This event is in Dutch.

The Winternachten festival afternoon programme Verhalen die verbinden (Connecting Stories) explores Dutch colonial history in our literature, language and music. Prominent Surinamese authors Astrid H. Roemer and Tessa Leuwsha talk in conversations with respectively Maria Vlaar and Fiep van Bodegom about the significance of 150 years of abolition of slavery for them, their country, their relatives and their books. Both published new books in 2023: Astrid H. Roemer wrote the novel DealersDochter (Dealers' Daughter) and Tessa Leuwsha published her De wilde vaart: op zoek naar de veerkracht van Suriname (Tramp trade: the search for the resilience of Surinam).

Author Babs Gons will perform spoken word. Authors Tessa Leuwsha and Daphne Huisden will read from their contributions to Dat wij zongen (What we sang), the essay collection in which twenty leading writers of today make a case for a Caribbean author of the past who inspired them personally.

Singer Angel ArunA performs her own work and poems by poet and singer-songwriter Raj Mohan in Sarnámi, the language of people with a Hindustan background in Suriname and The Netherlands. Furthermore soprano Lucretia Starke and countertenor Arturo den Hartog will perform, accompanied by six musicians from ensemble Holland Baroque, with their version of Surinamese song Lolo mi boto, among others.

The talks and performances in Zaal 1 will be followed in the theatre foyer by a short post-programme hosted by Sarita Bajnath with contributions and readings by Britney Lindo, writer and spoken word artist, and by Rabin Baldewsingh, writer and, since 2021, National Coordinator against Discrimination, among others.

Also the (English spoken ) evening programme All the World's Excuses on this Winternachten festival day 16 April, focuses on the significance of 150 years abolition of slavery. All the World's Excuses takes a wider perspective by inviting authors from various backgrounds to speak about the traces left by slavery, apartheid and colonialism in society, storytelling, language and literature: guests will be Caleb Azumah Nelson (UK), David Diop (France), Chika Unigwe (USA), Astrid H. Roemer (Surinam), Neske Beks (Belgium) and Radna Fabias (Netherlands).

Bookstore De Vries van Stockum will be present in the lobby with a stand offering books by participating authors of this programme, among others — including signing opportunities!

This programme has been curated by Shantie Singh, author of a.o. the novels Vervoering (2014) and De kier (2020).

Day ticket, join us for a day dish, evening programme All the World's Excuses
After Verhalen die verbinden, join us on Sunday 16 April as of 19:30h in Theater aan het Spui for the, English spoken, Winternachten festival evening programme All the World's Excuses. Between 17:15 and 19:00 hours you are welcome to join us for a delicious vegetarian day dish in the foyer. For planning and capacity reasons, there will be no day dish ticket available on location. Please book your day dish ticket in advance.
A reduced price day ticket for both festival programmes on 12 March, optionally with day dish ticket, is available here.