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The final evening

Theater Thalia - voorerf en foyer - Paramaribo
Gratis toegang.
Koor Mavis Noordwijk - foto Ton van de Langkruis
Koor Mavis Noordwijk - foto Ton van de Langkruis

A festive finale of this first edition of the International Literary festival Surinam. Consisting of prose, poetry and music. Performances from the foreign guests and many Surinam authors: including well known names and promising debutants. Such as Sombra, Ronald Giphart (The Netherlands), Gibi Bacilio (Curaçao), EKM Dido (South Africa), Sitok Srengenge (Indonesia), Norine Blinker, Norma Bouterse, Andy Fernandes, Harvey Fräser, Roway James, Marlène Oudsten, Mireille Pinas, Terry and Jeffrey Quartier. Also performances by the Mavis Noordwijk choir (a combination of the Kokriki choir and the ADEK choir) and a closing song by Albert Mungroo. Presented by Annemarie Sanches.