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Jens Christian Grøndahl meets Gustaaf Peek: Love, Lust and Literature

Studio B - Centrale Bibliotheek Den Haag, Spui 68, 1e etage
Tickets: € 10,-. Voor leden van Bibliotheek Den Haag. CJP, studenten, klanten met Paagman aankoopbon, Ooievaarspas: € 6,-.

Two authors, one theme: the mystery of love and lust. Both their recent novels are as ambitious as they are inspired: Jernporten (Iron Gate) by Jens Christian Grøndahl and Godin, held (Goddess, Hero) by Gustaaf Peek. Both are passionate lovers of literature who are driven to share their love of literature with others. Together, they attempt to fathom the mystery of love and lust. Two authors in conversation about love – of women and of books. In English.

Jens Christian Grøndahl (Denmark, 1959) is one of the most successful contemporary authors. He has written a multitude of novels, essays, plays and radio scripts. His work has appeared in more than thirty countries and has been nominated for and won various literary awards. His new novel Jernporten is an ode to love. Grøndahl studied philosophy and lives in Copenhagen.

Gustaaf Peek (Haarlem, Netherlands, 1975) has written four novels. His major breakthrough came with his most recent book Godin, held. Apart from being an author, he is the editor of the Dutch literary magazine De Revisor. Peek read English Language and Literature at the University of Leiden and lives and works in Amsterdam.

This evening is organised by Writers Unlimited in cooperation with The Hague Public Library and J.M. Meulenhoff publishers. Language: English.