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Winternachten The Hague 2008

Winternachten 2008

Wed 16 - Tue 22 January 2008


How to Bluff your Way into Arabic Literature

Theater aan het Spui
€ 15,- (Uitpas € 13,50 CJP/studentenkaart/ooievaarspas € 7,50)
Lamis Saidi  tijdens Bluff Your Way into Arabic Literature - foto Serge Ligtenberg
Lamis Saidi tijdens Bluff Your Way into Arabic Literature - foto Serge Ligtenberg

Ask any Dutchman what s/he knows about Arabic literature and chances are that s/he will come up with Arabian Nights. Is that all? Only the famous stories of Sjahrazaad and Sjahriar? Inform yourself in this special Winternachten afternoon focusing on Arabic literature.

Eight Arab writers read from their own work and read their favourite fragment from Arabic literature. The authors come from the Maghreb and Mashreq, our opposite neighbours on the southside of the Mediterranean. The writers are Laila Abuzaid (Morocco), Habib Selmi (Tunesia), Lamis Saidi (Algeria), Tamim al-Barghouti (Palestine), Ahmad al-Aidi (Egypt), Ashur Etwebi (Libya), Hassan Daoud (Lebanon) and Khaled Khalifa (Syria). Poetry and prose, tradition and experiment, new an age old work passing in revue. Writer Abdelkader Benali and journalist Sarah Meuleman lead this afternoon full of literary discoveries. Members of the audience - critics, publishers, book sllers and experts - respond to the readings and to quastions by the hosts. Iraqi qanun and ud player Osama Abdulrasol gives thew afternoon a musical colour. Finally, get some free advice from master Ra'oef Moes'ad Basta, who offers you the Arab equivalent of your favourite western author. One hint beforehand: "Do you want to read the Arab Reve? Then opt for Sunallah Ibrahim."

The programme is in English. English and Dutch translations of the Arabic literary texts are projected simultaneously.