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Exhibition: Past time - forgotten time

Artoteek Den Haag
Masa Lupa
Masa Lupa

Streetnames and signs, modeshows and trade fairs. Six visual artists from Indonesia looked into the way East Indian cities became Indonesian from 1930-1960. Their work can be seen in Artoteek Den Haag.

In their work - documentary, photographs, video, cartoons, installation or paintings - Irwan Ahmett, Eko Nugroho, Yuli Prayitno, Agus Suwage, Cecil Mariani and Wimo Ambala Bayang, show the visual aspects of decolonization. The exhibition is compiled by Artoteek Den Haag in cooperation with the Dutch Insititute for War Documentation as part of the presentation of the research programme on the decolonization of Indonesia.

The exhibit can be visited from Wednesday 10 January and is open until 28 January. Open: Wednesday-Friday from 11-18 hrs, Saturday 10-17 hrs, and on the last Sunday of the month from 12-17 hrs. Artoteek, Denneweg 14a, The Hague.


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