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Dakota's Winternachten Verhalenfestival: Theesessie met Cynthia Mc Leod

Writer in search of stories from the neighbourhood - Dutch spoken

Wijkwinkel bij Betje
Gratis toegang - reserveren aanbevolen
Cynthia McLeod - Serge Ligtenberg
Cynthia McLeod - Serge Ligtenberg

All interested are welcome to a conversation with writer Cynthia Mc Leod from Suriname, known from her novel Hoe duur was de suiker? The coffee and tea are ready! The conversation will in Dutch.

Cynthia Mc Leod writes historical novels and youth books that take place in Suriname. Through the research she has done for her books, she has gained a lot of knowledge about the eventful history of Suriname; knowledge she likes to share with others. Mc Leod is a real storyteller who passionately and enthusiastically brings the Surinamese history to life.

Wijkwinkel bij Betje is a place in Moerwijk (address: Betje Wolffstraat 181, Den Haag) where people come together and meet each other. Bij Betje was founded by the shopkeepers in the Betje Wolffstraat. They saw a shortage of social places in the neighbourhood and decided to realize a social place in their shopping street.

The neighbourhood discussion is an initiative of Writers Unlimited and Theater en Filmhuis Dakota on the occasion of the 25th Winternachten International Literature Festival The Hague (15-19 January). On Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 January, the free Winternachten Verhalen Festival will take place in Theatre and FIlmhuis Dakota, with meetings with writers Cynthia Mc Leod, Walter Palm and Vamba Sherif and the music theatre performance The Bright Side of Life on Saturday. On Sunday, there will be a storytelling workshop and open stage, a children's programme with children's book writer and illustrator Mylo Freeman and a talk show.