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Caribbean Film Programme

Filmhuis Den Haag
Passepartout €25,-



This year the festival gives a lot of space to Caribbean films. The first part of the programma is on Saturday evening in Winternacht 2. The second part is this afternoon, in Zaal 6 of the Filmhuis. There will be screenings  from the Antilles and the Caribbean. TV and documentary film maker Ida Does took the initiative.

The idea arose on Trinidad, where Ida Does saw Caribbean films at the Trinidad and Tobago Film Festival which she wanted to show in the Netherlands. 'Because they will never be screened here, not on television and not in the regular cinemas,' she says. 'Whereas I believe there is a great need in the Netherlands to see them. I hope that people will be touched the way it happened to me when I was on Trinidad. These are not always cheerful movies,' says Ida Does, 'but I hope and expect that people wil go home happy after the festival. And oh… they're just so terribly beautiful to watch.'
Tickets for the various films in Sunday's Caribbean film programme are only on sale through the booking office of Filmhuis Den Haag. Go-as-you-please tickets for the entire programme are also on sale through this website. More Caribbean films will be screened in Winternacht 2. Your ticket for Winternacht 2 gives access to all programmes, including the Writers Unlimited film programme in Filmhuis Den Haag.