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Winternachten tour Surinam 2004

Surinam 2004

Sunday 29 - Sunday 7 February 2004


1001 Identities in Sana Budaya

Sana Budaya - Paramaribo
Gratis toegang.
Sitok Srengenge in Sana Budaya - foto Serge Ligtenberg
Sitok Srengenge in Sana Budaya - foto Serge Ligtenberg

An evening organized together with the Remembrance association for Javanese Immigrants (VHJI) in their center Sana Budaya. Lovers of the Javanese performing arts have come to the right place in Sana Budaya. Regularly performances involving typical Javanese music, dance, puppetry and martial arts can be seen here. In the presence of the Javanese poet Sitok Srengenge, who originally comes from middle Java, the VHJI demonstrates in a 1001 different ways the Indonesian cultural inheritance that proliferates in Surinam.