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What will they say, Meltem? #1

13 april 2022

In the podcast Wat zullen ze zeggen, Meltem? (EN: What will they say, Meltem?) programmer Meltem Halaceli goes in search of the story behind gender-based violence. In Turkey, the country where her parents come from, but also in the rest of the world, violence against women and murder of women is on the rise. In three episodes What Will They Say, Meltem? takes a closer look at feminism, literature and the increasing pressure on women's rights. 

In episode 1 of Wat zullen ze zeggen, Meltem? Meltem Halaceli talks to her own mother, who lived through the turbulent 1970s and 1980s in Turkey. The feminist movement shaped her, and in turn, Meltem is strongly shaped by her mother's feminist ideas. The history of the Turkish women's movement is also discussed, in a conversation with Bertil Emrah Oder, dean of law at Koç University in Istanbul. Because, despite increasing violence, the women's movement is stronger than ever.

Listen to the podcast here or via your favourite podcast platform.

Host: Meltem Halaceli
Guests: Müfide Halaceli & Bertil Emrah Öder
Audio Editor: Alma Apt
Produced by: Writers Unlimited
Music: 'Yuh Yuh' by Selda Bagcan
Illustration: Zarlasht Zia

What Will They Say, Meltem? is a Writers Unlimited podcast, released ahead of the Winternachten International Literature Festival 2022. The festival will host a live discussion as part of the podcast on Friday, June 17 - tickets are on sale now.