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Zindzi Zevenbergen

Zindzi Zevenbergen - foto: Mounir Raji
Zindzi Zevenbergen - foto: Mounir Raji

(1990) is a writer of YA books and a freelance copywriter. She won the Zilveren Griffel prize for her debut, the YA book Lennox en de gouden sikkel (Lennox and the Gold Crescent, 2021). The illustrators of this book, Brian Elstak and Hedy Tjin, won the Zilveren Penseel. Zevenbergen again collaborated with Tjin as illustrator for their book De reis van Manie Schaafijs (The Journey of Manie Schaafijs, 2023), an ode to Surinamese storytelling; in word and image, they relate the true story of Francisco de Freitas, said to be the first vendor of shaved ice in Suriname.


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  • Writers Unlimited 2024

    Shaved Ice and Afrodance - Zindzi Zevenbergen and Precious Alvares (10+)

    With: Precious Alvares, Tirsa With, Zindzi Zevenbergen

    First the adventurous story about the first shaved-ice vendor in Suriname, then letting loose in an Afrodance workshop led by one of the best African street style dancers of The Netherlands: Precious Alvares, winner of the Red Bull Dance Your Style 2022!

    Zindzi Zevenbergen was a guest at Shaved Ice and Afrodance, an event for anyone over 10 years of age. She let you travel along with shaved-ice vendor Francisco. Various versions of his story, told by family members, were the inspiration for the wonderful illustrated YA book De reis van Manie Schaafijs (The Journey of Manie Schaafijs). Zevenbergen wrote the text and Hedy Tijn created the colourful illustrations.

    Host was Tirsa WIth, writers and well-known as presenter of Dutch national television programme Het Klokhuis (NPO Zapp).

    After that, it was time to let loose in an Afrodance workshop with Precious Alvares. Because stories aren't just told as family legends or in books, but also through dance! Precious shows you his best moves and talks about how African street style developed. And then... cool off with a shaved ice!