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Xaviera Hollander

Xaviera Hollander - Winternachten 2002 - foto Serge Ligtenberg
Xaviera Hollander - Winternachten 2002 - foto Serge Ligtenberg

Everyone knows the Happy Hooker, the New York madam, after which Xaviera Hollander's bestseller from 1971 is named. It is a groundbreaking work, not in the least because Hollander continued to break taboos and advocate freedom of press and speech. The Happy Hooker has, in her own words 'grown up' and her latest book Child no More is an autobiographical work. She is also active in the theatre, at the prestigious Edinburgh festival as well as in her home in Amsterdam.
WN 2001

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  • Winternachten 2002 – Winternacht 1

    The State of Passion and Love

    'I tell you, love is a chemical reaction, with an inevitable bad ending'. With these words Gerrit Komrij opened this festival. His sermon was the starting point of a conversation on passion and love, between writer Connie Palmen and 'Happy Hooker' Xaviera Hollander. In the last minutes of this programme, jazz-singer Denise Jannah talked about the way she set four love poems to music. The poems were selected for her by Gerrit Komrij. Dutch spoken.