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Vampire Boyfriend

Vampire Boyfriend | Janine van Osta - foto Leroy Verbeet
Vampire Boyfriend | Janine van Osta - foto Leroy Verbeet

writes songs about "blood, sex and satanic self-care rituals," according to Janine van Osta, founder of this Dutch/Flemish band. Vampire Boyfriend packs together contrasting elements with infectious irreverence: the pink glitter notebook with boyband stickers and the Book of the Dead are both part of the inventory. These sweet and dark elements are condensed into self-assured, frayed indie songs of an unvarnished nature. "My thirteen-year-old, Green Day-listening goth-kid self is really happy with what I'm doing now. As is my six-year-old princess dress-wearing, ABBA-listening self." With Mitchell Quitz, Arno Geers and Sophie Reekers in the ranks, Vampire Boyfriend explores the fringes, lacing together fictional horror-kitsch storytelling and autobiographical beats with a coy sense of humor.

(WU 2021)

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  • Winternachten 2022

    Phantom Voices

    With: Corinne Heyrman, Pola Oloixarac, Vampire Boyfriend, Yentl van Stokkum

    The spirits visited us during this afternoon at PIP! Were you there too? A literary haunted house in bright daylight, where you could enjoy poetry, literature and music to your heart's content. During this Winternachten event, you saw and heard the complete spectrum of modern, feminist horror, haunted stories and poetry in one Saturday afternoon. You heard poetry by Yentl van Stokkum (from her spooky volume Ik zeg Emily); Corinne Heyrman performed the experience of psychosis via music and text; and Argentinian writer Pola Oloixarac, whose novel Mona delightfully satirizes the literary world, read some wonderfully gruesome literature. The Dutch/Flemish band Vampire Boyfriend joined sweetness and darkness in self-assured, frayed songs.

    Ticket: €11, including a spooky cocktail
    Or a combination ticket (€17,50) for this event and When did it all go terribly wrong?, the film discussion with Pola Oloixarac.

    English and Dutch spoken.

  • Haunted House - Binckfest

    Haunted House - Binckfest

    With: Elfie Tromp, Renee Rienties, Vampire Boyfriend

    BINCKFEST CANCELED due to extra measures against the coronavirus. We are exploring the possibility of presenting Haunted House at a later point in time. We will inform you by our newsletter and social media.