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Valda Jansen

Valda Jansen | 20 september 2019 | Week van de Afrikaanse roman
Valda Jansen | 20 september 2019 | Week van de Afrikaanse roman

was born in Aliwal-Noord, but grew up in coastal town Strand. She studied German language at the university of West-Kaapland and worked as German language teacher in Mitchels Plain and Paarl, and was an editor for a TV news show. Her poems were published in several poetry collections; she also was a columnist at Die Burger en Beeld. In her debut novel Hy kom met die skoenlappers, published in 2016, the main character is torn between her black community in South Africa and the white world of her German lover. In both countries, the past is an important element of the present.

(WU 2019)

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  • Opening Week van de Afrikaanse Roman

    Opening Week van de Afrikaanse Roman

    With: Abdelkader Benali, Deniel Barry, Eben Venter, Frazer Barry, Karin Brynard, Pieter Odendaal, Riana Scheepers, Valda Jansen

    Writers Unlimited opened Friday 20 September the fourth Week van de Afrikaanse roman (Week of the Afrikaans novel) with a festive evening about contemporary Afrikaans literature, language, arts and music. In Studio B of the Centrale Bibliotheek in The Hague we welcomed our audience to conversations with and performances by no less then seven authors and musicians from South Africa. Writer Abdelkader Benali spoke with them to cast light on several aspects of the Afrikaans literature.

    With musicians Frazer en Deniel Barry (Tribal Echo, Krotoa), journalist and writer of literary thrillers Karin Brynard (Plaasmoord, Onse vaders), poet and translator Pieter Odendaal (Asof geen berge ooit hier gewoon het nie), authors Eben Venter (Foxtrot van die vleiseters, Ek stamel, ek sterwe) and Riana Scheepers (Stormkind), and journalist, poet and writer Valda Jansen (Monitor, Hy kom met die skoenlappers)! Multi-language programme: English, Afrikaans and Dutch.

    This programme was curated by Writers Unlimited in collaboration with the Week of the Afrikaans novel. The Week's fourth edition took place from Friday 20 up to and including Sunday 29 September 2019 in The Netherlands and Flanders, promoting Afrikaans literature in Dutch translation. Find the full programme on the website of the Week van de Afrikaanse roman.

    Venue: Centrale Bibliotheek - Studio B, Spui 68 Den Haag.
    On site books sale by De Vries Van Stockum Boekverkopers.