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Uğur Ziya Şimşek

Ugur Ziya Simsek - ugur Ziya Simsek
Ugur Ziya Simsek - ugur Ziya Simsek

(1980) wrote his first novel, Cin Tarikatı (The Order of Djins) at the age of 24. Out of frustration by the lack of interest of the big publishinghouses in young writers, he founded a publishing house and an non-governemental organisation called Sokak Yazarları Hareketi (Movement of Streetwriters). He published his own work, and that of other young writers. This group, that doesn't feel ashamed to sell books in the street, is a new element in the literary scene in Turkey. Uğur Ziya Şimşek teaches law in a private organisation. Themes in his novels are social exclusion, politic and psychology. He tries to show the influence of Istanbul on the indivual.


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  • Winternachten 2010 – Winternachten 1

    Wintercafé 3: Istanbul and the Cosmopolitan Future

    Where borders disappear, people draw new lines. Cosmopolitan cities, where many different people and cultures meet, give fertile ground to new artistic twilight zones. In an exchange programme between Amsterdam, Antwerp and Istanbul, writers look for the similarities, differences and developments of urban cultures. The Turkish writers Şeray Sahiner and Uğur Ziya Şimşek are now 'in residence' in Amsterdam. They will talk about Istanbul as a cosmopolitan transition area, about new borders, old laws and about which cultural dimensions they discover in The Netherlands. In Dutch