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Tommy Wieringa

Tommy Wieringa - foto Keke Keukelaar
Tommy Wieringa - foto Keke Keukelaar

(Goor, NL, 1967) spent a great deal of his youth in the Antilles. He studied history and journalism and had his breakthrough in 2005 with his novel Joe Speedboat, which has since sold more than 350,000 copies. According to the media, his 2009 novel Caesarion earnied him a place among "The Greatest Ten of Dutch Literature." Dit zijn de namen (These are the Names) appeared in 2013, about the rough journey of a group of refugees. The story was brought to the stage by NTGent in 2016. Currently, Vader & zonen (Father & Sons) is touring in theatres, which also contains texts by Wieringa. In 2014 he wrote the Dutch Book Week Present, Een mooie jonge vrouw (A Beautiful Young Woman). Throughout the nineties, Wieringa gave music and poetry performances, made television programs, and was a favourite at literary festivals. He writes for various newspapers and magazines as well as a regular column for De Pers daily newspaper.

(WU 2017)

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  • Wat is er mis met de elite?

    What's wrong with the elite?

    With: Elles de Bruin, Henk Oosterling, Paul Frissen, Tommy Wieringa

    In these times of rising populisme, 'post-truth' and 'alternative facts' the elite has a hard time. The political, academic, cultural and financial elites have lost trust from the ordinary citizens. How and when did it go wrong? And can the trust be restored? What are do's and don'ts for the elite? With writers Tommy Wieringa, professor of public administration Paul Frissen, philosopher Henk Oosterling and host Elles de Bruin. In Dutch.

    A programme made by Liliane Waanders (Writers Unlimited). Bookselling by Van Stockum Boekverkopers.

  • Winternachten 2017 – Saturday Night Unlimited

    The Book of My Life: Tommy Wieringa

    The Dutch writer talks about his favourite book - the book that inspires or moves him; the book that formed his moral or intellectual compass; the book that he would recommend to anyone. In Dutch.

  • Winternachten 2017 – Saturday Night Unlimited

    The Dutch on the Couch: Tommy Wieringa

    A country sees the doctor — the Netherlands is suffering from agoraphobia. Do we want more or fewer Moroccans? How many refugees do we take in? And why don't the people who consider Black Pete racist piss off to their own countries? In the role of the Netherlands, Tommy Wieringa explains why he's so afraid to leave his old, familiar surroundings and why the big bad outside world has assumed such monstrous proportions. Damiaan Denys, Professor of psychiatry, tries to understand and explain the anxiousness within the Dutch society. In Dutch.

    Damiaan Denys replaces the earlier announced Gündüz Vassaf.

  • Winternachten 2017 – Friday Night Unlimited

    In the Mirror of Refugees

    The image that refugees have of Europe does not match the reality they experience upon arrival. Europe is a fiction. German-Azerbaijani writer Olga Grjasnowa wrote about the displaced in a globalized world; the Russian Michaïl Sjisjkin translated for asylumseekers in Vienna for years, which led to his novel Venus Hair; and novelist and filmmaker Hassan Blasim fled Irak and ended up turning his experiences into a book in Finland. Dutchman Tommy Wieringa delved into the motives of refugees for Dit zijn de namen (These Are the Names). What do they find in Europe? Moderator: Jeroen van Kan.

  • Winternachten 2012 – Winternacht 1

    The Dutch Spring

    The Arab Spring created a stir in the Netherlands. Perhabs secretly we long for a Dutch Spring too. What would our country look like after such a spring? Writers, tell us!