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Tierra Caliente

Tierra Caliente
Tierra Caliente

was called 'the most authentic Mexican group in Europe' by Mexican writer Carlos Fuentes. Tierra Caliente began in 1986, performing occasionally during the Queen's birthday. Initiator Ramón Balderas Sánchez had so much success with his sunny, festive sound of trumpets, violins and guitars that the group was instantly invited to radio and tv. Meanwhile the mariachi band has existed for over twenty-two years. Tierra Caliente still bases itself on traditional Mexican dance music (sones jalisciences), farmers' songs (rancheras) and romantic ballads (boleros) but the band makes regular outings to jazz and salsa. Pura alegria as it is called by Tierra Caliente, or 100% party, pure pleasure!


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  • Winternachten 2009 – Winternachten vrijdagavond

    Dance the night away: Tierra Caliente

    Swinging it out with the hot-blooded mariachi music of Tierra Caliente. The enthusiast performance of this group was highly appreciated by the remaining audience. With trumpets, violins and guitars - and beautifully matching outfits, Tierra Caliente brought a mixture of jazz, salsa mexicana and traditional music from Mexico, such as sones jaliciences (traditional dance music) and boleros (romantic songs).