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Thomas Verbogt

Thomas Verbogt, gast B-Unlimited 9 feb 2018, (c) amke - foto: amke
Thomas Verbogt, gast B-Unlimited 9 feb 2018, (c) amke - foto: amke

(Nijmegen, 1952) studied Dutch at the Catholic University Nijmegen and was, together with like-minded spirits, present at the birth of the popular literary magazine De Schans. He has published amongst other things 'De Feestavond' (The gala night)(1981), 'Nijlpaard in bad' (Hippopotamus in the bath) (1988), 'De man bij een meer' (The man at the lake) (1992) en 'Onze dagen' (Our days) (2001). Verbogt is a permanent member of staff of VPRO'S radio programme De Avonden. He is also a columnist for the magazine HP/De Tijd and the daily newspaper De Gelderlander, writes about literature for the newspaper Het Parool and publishes regularly in the magazine Hollands Maandblad. Alongside all this he is kept busy as a playwright.
Source: VPRO 2004

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  • Winternachten 2005 – WINTERNACHT 1

    VPRO De Avonden - live from Winternachten

    In the second hour of this live broadcast from Winternachten, Wim Brands and Roel Bentz van den Berg present the Dutch poet Alfred Schaffer, Erich Zielinski from Curaçao who made his debut later in life, the South African poet Diana Ferrus and the Dutch writer Thomas Verbogt. Zielinski wil talk about his much praised De Engelenbron (The Angels well), Ferrus will recite some of her Afrikaans poetry, and Alfred Schaffer, who only yesterday re-emigrated from South Africa, will recite some of his poems. De Avonden (The Evenings) is an informative cultural radio programme from the VPRO. It can be listened to on weekdays between 21.00 to 23.00 on 747AM.

    Dutch spoken