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Tessel Blok

Tessel Blok
Tessel Blok

(Nederhorst den Berg, 1958) has been working with VPRO for twenty-five years. In that time she has gained wide experience in the production and presentation of both radio and tv programmes. She was involved in Welingelichte kringen (Well-informed circles), Ischa, Het Gebouw, De Ochtenden, Noorderlicht and the political tv programme Het Buitenhof. Tessel Blok is Dieuwertje Blok's younger sister. The two sisters were brought up on a love for the trade as their mother Henny Fontaine was editor with KRO, a singer and elocutionist. Their father Dick Blok was professor of medieval history and grandmother Stella Fontaine was a well-known cabaret artiste. At present Tessel Blok hosts the daily radio programme Villa VPRO on Radio I.

(nov 2010)

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  • Winternachten 2011 – Winternacht 1

    Imagination, our Brain and the Story of our Life

    Professor of psychiatry Damiaan Denys looks at his profession philosophically. He is fascinated by what human beings are not, given the human condition. The human condition is the source of all imagination. Writer P. F. Thomese wrote a novel about a man with the romantic idea of the artist embracing the void and from there reaching great heights, losing sight of reality entirely. After a short introduction by Denys on imagination and the brain Tessel Blok will iinterview them both on imagination and the void, in reality and in literature. A programme on the boundaries between pathology and art. In Dutch.