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Tessa Leuwsha

Tessa Leuwsha | B-Unlimited 14 mrt 2019 - foto Sirano Zalman
Tessa Leuwsha | B-Unlimited 14 mrt 2019 - foto Sirano Zalman

was born in Amsterdam in 1967 of Surinamese-Creole father and a Dutch mother. After grammar school she studied tourist management and English. In 1996 she settled as a freelance journalist in Suriname. She published articles, columns and book reviews in among others Volkskrant online, Opzij, Esta and the Ware Tijd. In 1997 she published Reishandboek Suriname,now entitled Wereldwijzer Suriname. Her first published short story Voor William (For Wlliam) won the incentive prize of the Kwakoe literature prize. Other short stories were edited in the anthologies Waarover we niet moeten praten (Things we shouldn't talk about; 2007) and Voor mij ben jij hier (For me you are here; 2010). In 2005 her novel debut de Parbo-blues appeared. In 2009 the novel Solo, een liefde (Solo, a love), appeared, which also won acclaim, on the life missions of two lovers in Suriname. Although the story is set well before independence, the problem of having little perspective and the burden of the past are strongly reminiscent of present-day Suriname. Solo, een liefde was nominated for de Black Magic Woman Award. Leuwsha works with the Dutch Embassy in Paramaribo, writes columns, articles and reviews for various Surinamese media and chairs the Reading and Writing Foundation, which aims at increasing a literary sense among Surinamese young people.


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