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Stephan Sanders

Stephan Sanders
Stephan Sanders

(Haarlem, NL, 1961) is a columnist, presenter, essayist and writer. In 2015 he came out of the closet for the second time: he publicly acknowledged that he believes in god, even if this is "not done" in intellectual circles. Since mid-2016 he has been a regular columnist with the Volkskrant newspaper. In his 2007 book Zon, zee en oorlog (Sun, Sea and War) he describes experiences in places like Capetown, where he discovered that his biological father was South African. Sanders, who was adopted by Dutch foster parents, studied philosophy and political science and has written for various dailies and weeklies since 1982. He has published story and essay collections, novels, journalistic pieces, and the 2013 book Iets meer dan een seizoen (A Little More than One Season).

(WIN 2017)

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  • Winternachten 2018 – Friday Night Unlimited

    Liberté! The Revolutionary meaning of Freedom

    The Congolese novelist and essayist Alain Mabanckou opened Friday Night Unlimited with a lecture about the values of the French Revolution and their meaning in our time.

    Afterwards, writer and essayist Stephan Sanders had conversations with Alain Mabanckou, with historian and political philosopher Luuk van Middelaar and writer Louise O. Fresco about the contemporary meaning of freedom as a driving force of European democracy.

    What is the meaning of the French Revolution's motto in today's Europe? For the revolutionaries, freedom stood for much more than individual aims. it stood for the collective longing for self-determination and for the democratic consideration and manifestation of change and progress. Is anything left of the revolutionary meaning of freedom in contemporary Europe?

    Alternating with the conversations there was live drawing by visual artist en book illustrator Gerda Dendooven (Belgium) and music by classical accordionist Oleg Lysenko (Netherlands), cello player Jole De Baerdemaeker and soprano Elisabeth Sturtewagen (both Belgium).

  • Winternachten 2017 – Friday Night Unlimited

    This Is Not America (Part 2)

    The unexpected election of businessman Donald Trump as president of the United States will be signed and sealed in Washington this Friday, 20 January. The choice of Trump is seen primarily as a protest by citizens against the established political elite, and a sign of broad discontent among the American public. Is the USA our role model - will voters stand up against the political establishment here as well? In Europe in 2017, significant elections will take place in the Netherlands, France and Germany; the Dutch will be first to go to the ballot box on 15 March to elect their members of parliament. Should we expect a surprise?
    In This is Not America, writers and journalists will compare the USA and the Netherlands under the knowledgeable direction of Stephan Sanders. Margriet Oostveen wrote a column for NRC Handelsblad from the US about daily life there; currently she does the same for the Volkskrant about the Dutch from the Netherlands. Bas Heijne offers a broader cultural context for the general discontent; Ian Buruma, a citizen of and expert on both countries, makes comparisons; and Arnon Grunberg reflects on what he hears and sees in the streets of New York and The Hague. Jeanine Valeriano and her Spoken Beat Night finish up the evening with a sparkling performance.

  • Winternachten 2017 – Friday Night Unlimited

    This Is Not America (part 1)

    A late-night show about the United States of America that touches on many issues, from the shrinking middle class to the differences between whites and blacks, from hopeful new immigrants to the embittered white underclass. The America of the supporters of Donald Trump. A discussion between bestselling US author Colson Whitehead, Bolivian author Rodrigo Hasbún, Dutch writer Christine Otten and Anglo-Dutch writer Ian Buruma about America in the era of president Trump. Stephan Sanders moderates the conversation and Spoken Beat Night adds a jazzy musical interpretation of the American story.

  • Brainwash 2016

    Writers Unlimited Brainwash: The Text of My Life

    With: Andrew Solomon, Ignaas Devisch, Jan Drost, Simone van Saarloos, Stephan Sanders, Tamar de Waal, Thijs Lijster, Tom Chatfield

    Writers Unlimited neemt deel aan de eerste Haagse editie van het Brainwash festival. In de Koning Willem foyer in de Koninklijke Schouwburg presenteren we tussen 20.00 uur en 23.00 uur 'De tekst van mijn leven'. Stephan Sanders interviewt schrijvers en filosofen die te gast zijn op het festival. Zij dragen hun favoriete teksten voor en lichten toe waarom deze tekst, dit gedicht, romanfragment of deze songtekst hun leven en eigen werk heeft beïnvloed. Welke herinnering, welk gevoel roept die tekst vandaag nog bij hen op? Een doorlopend interviewprogramma, waarbij het publiek ook met de gasten in gesprek gaat. Toegangskaarten kunt u bestellen bij de Koninklijke Schouwburg. Het volledige programma (vanaf 13.00 uur) is te vinden op de website van het Brainwash festival.

  • Winternachten 2010 – Winternachten 1

    I speak your language

    The new generation of poets Ronelda Kamfer (South Africa), Alfred Schaffer (Aruba/the Netherlands) and Hagar Peeters (the Netherlands) recite from their work and talk to Stephan Sanders about their language and poetry. Ronelda Kamfer writes in Afrikaans. Is that language in her country still symbolic of the language of the Apartheid regime? Is Afrikaans beyond guilt, or is there a job to do here for Afrikaans poets like her? Alfred Schaffer, the son of an Aruban mother and a father from Limburg, writes his poems in Dutch and lived in South Africa for a while. In her poetry Hagar Peeters explores modern specimens of suppression in the Netherlands. How do these three young poets look at the guilt or innocence of the language they write in? And how does that language relate to the reality they seek to capture in their poems?

  • Winternachten 2002 – Winternacht 2

    Sermonizing: Stephan Sanders

    In his sermon on Passion and Love the writer Stephan Sanders gave us a picture of sex-life in the gay-scene. Dutch spoken.

  • Winternachten 2002 – Winternacht 2

    Sex on paper

    'The sweetest margerine-advertising I ever heard,' responded writer Stephan Sanders to the sex-scene just his collegue Ronald Giphart just read from his work. 'Sex of men above fourty is disgusting', was one of Gipharts remarks. With Manon Uphoff, we had three trend setters when talking about putting sex to paper. Dutch spoken.