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Sidney Kock

Sidney Kock
Sidney Kock

(Aruba) worked with the Aruban news programme of TeleAruba after studying at the Journalism School in Utrecht. Back in the Netherlands he worked as a editor with the KRO programme Echo on Radio 1. In addition he worked for a long time as reporter for the NPS programme Tambu. Since 1 November 1996 Kock has been working with the Office of the minister plenipotentiary of Aruba. As a communications and PR officer he is among other things spokesperson of the Dutch Aruba office; maintaining contacts with both the Dutch and the Aruban press and responsible for the newsletter of the Dutch Aruba office, the Noticiero.


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  • Winternachten 2008 – Winternachten zaterdagavond

    Great Dicatation in Papiamento/u of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

    Prolongated because of its success in 2006: the public dictation Papiamento/u. Since March 2007 it is the official language on the Dutch Antilles - so high time to test your knowledge. Participants may choose from Papiamentu, spoken on Curaçao and Bonaire, and Papiamento (Aruba). The FPI (Foundation for Language Planning) from Curaçao will provide the text, together with the writer Sonia Garmers, who will dictate it herself. The Papiamento will be dictated by Sidney Kock, press officer of the Aruba House in The Hague. It is just and fair that old-member of the Council of State Gilbert Wawoe and writer Olga Orman, who did the dictation in 2006, will be subjected to this spelling test. Winternachten provides pen and pencil. A professional jury with Quito Nicolaas and Igma van Putte, led by Ronald Severing of the FPI, will judge the dictations and award the winners with a suitable prize. The dicatation is programmed at the start of the evening. Be on time, full is full.