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Sheila Payne

Sheila Payne - foto Tyron Martina
Sheila Payne - foto Tyron Martina

Payne (1961) was born and raised in Curaçao of immigrant parents from St Kitts. Her father loved telling all kinds of stories. This aroused her interest and love for storytelling also. In her primary school days she did an impression of Angel Job (El Gordito de Oro), which was so successful, that up to today her primary schoolmates still remember her for it. She left the island for The Netherlands in 1980, and lived there until 2000. She tried different fields of study there, but ended up pursuing her love of theater. She worked as a professional youth theater actress for 'Jeugdtheater Citadel Groningen'. After finally completing a post graduate course in career development, and after working in career development, she returned to her passion of theater and storytelling. In Curaçao, she also worked as a youth theater actress. She again picked up her beloved storytelling and performed at several events in the Caribbean and USA. In 2010 she was the storyteller for the Music Theater Play, Morto i Laman, at the Oerol Festival in The Netherlands. She received a UNESCO nomination for her efforts in the area of preservation of Mother Language Papiamentu in 2011.

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