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Shahin Nasiri

Shahin Nasiri
Shahin Nasiri

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(Iran, 1985) is MA-student Filosofie aan de Universiteit Leiden. Hij won de Peter Baehr Prijs 2014 met zijn onderzoeksvoorstel "Rethinking the notion of freedom from the standpoint of the refugee". "Veelbelovend is de voorgestelde methodologie om filosofische kritieken op universele en abstracte waarden, zoals het vrijheidsbegrip en mensenrechten, te onderbouwen met veldonderzoek onder vluchtelingen", aldus de jury. De prijs is bedoeld om onderzoek naar mensenrechten te stimuleren.


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  • Writers Series

    John Gray meets Bas Heijne: Can We Change the World?

    With: Bas Heijne, John Gray, Shahin Nasiri

    If you really want to achieve something, you can – or so we desperately want tobelieve. Every human deed starts with a desire and faith in one's own abilities. People want to change the world, but can they do so? Or do they underestimate the powers that thwart their intentions? Can people change the world or does the world change people? In his latest book, The Soul of the Marionette, British author and philosopher John Gray examines this question using examples from political and religious practice, philosophy and literature. 'Gray really makes you think – most welcome', according to the Dutchnewspaper NRC Handelsblad.

    John Gray (1948) is Emeritus Professor of European Thought and one of the G8 – the eight greatest political philosophers of our time. He has published in The Guardian, New Statesman and The Times Literary Supplement, and has written a number of influential books including Straw Dogs, Al Qaeda and What it Means to be Modern, Heresies, False Dawn, Black Mass, Gray's Anatomy, The Immortalization Commission and The Silence of Animals.

    Bas Heijne (1960) is an author, thinker, translator and interviewer. He is an essayist and writes a weekly column for NRC Handelsblad. He has published a number of books. Heijne recently received the J. Greshoff Award for the best essay for his Angst en schoonheid (fear and beauty). Like John Gray, he loves to ponder the major questions of our day.

    This evening is organised by Writers Unlimited in cooperation with The Hague PublicLibrary and mbo|Anthos publishers. Language: English