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Seray Şahiner

Seray Sahiner - foto Timurtas Onan
Seray Sahiner - foto Timurtas Onan

(Turkey, 1984) is a young Turksish writer, who grew up in Istanbul. In 2007 her book of short stores Gelin Ba (Wedding Hairdo) received a special mentioning in a Turkish award ceremony of short stories. In 2008 three stories from the book were adapted for the stage and staged in various theatres in Istanbul.
Seray Sahiner studied journalism and worked for magazines like Aylık Paldır Kültür Dergisi Hayvan (The Monthly Wham-Bam Culture Magazine Beast) and Aylak Öykü Dergisi (Story Magazine for Layabouts). At the same time she was involved in the publication of the fanzines Kaygan Zemin (Slippery Grounds) and Kara Kutu (Black Box) and worked as a correspondent for Marie Claire and two newspapers. Right now she writes screenplays and is a correspondent for the newspaper Gaste.

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  • Winternachten 2010 – Winternachten 1

    Wintercafé 3: Istanbul and the Cosmopolitan Future

    Where borders disappear, people draw new lines. Cosmopolitan cities, where many different people and cultures meet, give fertile ground to new artistic twilight zones. In an exchange programme between Amsterdam, Antwerp and Istanbul, writers look for the similarities, differences and developments of urban cultures. The Turkish writers Şeray Sahiner and Uğur Ziya Şimşek are now 'in residence' in Amsterdam. They will talk about Istanbul as a cosmopolitan transition area, about new borders, old laws and about which cultural dimensions they discover in The Netherlands. In Dutch