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Sanneke van Hassel

Sanneke van Hassel - foto Marieke van der Velden
Sanneke van Hassel - foto Marieke van der Velden

(Rotterdam, NL 1971) wrote two collections of short stories before making her debut with the novel Nest. Both in her novel and in her short stories Van Hassel describes people having trouble in getting to grips with their lives. In her first collection of short stories, IJsregen (Sleet; 2005) the characters invariably engage in a struggle with something larger than themselves. Her second collection of short stories, Witte Veder (White feather; 2007) again contains fourteen stories about people struggling with life. This book made it to the longlist of the Gouden Uil (Golden Owl). In 2008 she won the BNG Nieuwe Literatuurprijs and in 2013 was awarded the Anna Blaman Prize. In 2011 she wrote short monologues which could be heard at the Dutch pavillion at the Biennale in Venice. In 2012 she wrote her third collection of short storeis, Ezels (Donkeys) and comiled an anthology of short stories, Naar de stad (To the city), with Annelies Verbeke. Van Hassel studied drama and the history of civilization and from 1996-2005 was a dramatist with theatre company 't Barre Land.

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  • Winternachten 2014 – FRIDAY NIGHT UNLIMITED

    Tirade against a demanding child

    Tirade number three, straight from the 450th edition of the literary magazine with the same name, from the soapbox, by Sanneke van Hassel, aimed at a demanding child.

  • Winternachten 2011

    NRC Reading Club Live

    With: Elsbeth Etty, Frits Abrahams, Pieter Steinz, Sanneke van Hassel

    In this 6th edition of the successful series NRC Reading Club Live columnists and NRC editors Elsbeth Etty, Frits Abrahams and writer Sanneke van Hassel together and with the audience read Haruki Murakami's collection of short stories Blind willow, sleeping woman. Editor of NRC Handelsblad's book pages Pieter Steinz leads the conversation.

    The Japanese writer Haruki Murakami has an outspoken readership. His multitude of fans can't hear a word of criticism about him. His critics find him greatly overrated. Now that the translation of his trilogy1q84is published part by part that discussion has flared up. The personally phrased, yet highly critical review by Pieter Steinz in NRC Handelsblad for example aroused many disappointed reactions. High time to ask the question: is Murakami a classic in his lifetime or is it time to take the scales off the eyes of the fans? In Dutch.

    Read the book and join the debate! Murakami's collected short stories can be ordered from NRC Handelsblad's webshop.