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Ruth San A Jong

Ruth San A Jong - foto Sharon van Exel
Ruth San A Jong - foto Sharon van Exel

(Surinam, 1970) won the Third Literature prize of the Kwakoe Festival 2002 with her story 'The Last Parade'. San A Jong wrote non-fiction for her work for various NGO's but the Kwakoe prize stimulated her to occupy herself with writing fiction. She is presently working on a collection of short stories. The central theme is death and the way in which people deal with death in Surinam, with all the traditions, beliefs and superstition and the bizar rituals that go with it. Together with storyteller Guillaume Pool she started the Bukutori foundation, which aims at promoting the art of reading, writing and storytelling in Surinam. Since 2008 she is the director of the Schrijversvakschool (School of Writing).


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  • Winternachten 2008 – Winternachten zaterdagavond

    Traditions, taboos, belief and superstition. Writers from the Antilles and Surinam

    A man dies. His lover puts a set of used underpants of her in his coffin. That's the custom in Surinam. But how do you do it without arousing the suspicion of his wife? And is this the only pair of underpants? Budding talent Ruth San A Jong wrote stories from Paramaribo like the one about the underpants above. Grande dame Sonia Garmers from Curaçao and Usha Marhé, who lives in the Netherlands, have written about rituals, magic and traditions which are part of daily life in their country. Belief and superstition can defuse fear but also arouse it: what if you don't keep to the accompanying customs? What if you want to break though tradition. The writers, varying in age, discuss this and other questions and read from their work. Noraly Beyer leads the conversation. In Dutch.