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Richard de Nooy

Richard de Nooy - foto Morne van Zyl
Richard de Nooy - foto Morne van Zyl

(South Africa, 1965) in his first novels Zes beetwonden en een tetanusprik (Six Fang Marks and a Tetanus Shot) and Zacht als staal (The Big Stick) links the worlds he grew up in. He grew up in South Africa as the child of Dutch parents and returned to the Netherlands 25 years ago. Both novels are rampant with violence and are written in a slashing style. Characters overlap. In his latest novel Zendingsdrang (Missionary Zeal) violence also plays a prominent part. A war correspondent ends up in an institute where his responsibility is being examined. In Zendingsdrang there are a number of diatribes, one of which De Nooy turned into a songtext. De Nooy studied journalism at Rhodes University in South Africa and psychology at the University of Amsterdam. Before becoming a writer he worked as a translator and a cartoonist.

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