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Rhazul and his Group

Rhazul Sebelon - foto Curtys Virginie
Rhazul Sebelon - foto Curtys Virginie

(Curaçao, 1988) is a virtuoso in several musical fields. The instrument he masters best is the cuatro. This instrument came from Venezuela. Rhazul has practiced the art of playing cuatro for six years. On the 4th of December 2011 he held his first concert to raise funds for the purchase of a professional cuatro, and to continue studying this instrument. Rhazul functions as musical director of several cultural groups. Besides this, he teaches cuatro lessons at a music school on Curacao. For his presentation during Krusa Laman-Writers Unlimited Curaçao on April 20, 2012, Rhazul has organized his musical group with the following members: Rhazul Sebelon (cuatro), Rendel Rosalia (drum/percussion), Rayson Rosalia (hoe/percussion), Jovendrick Kierindongo (bass), Niata Augusta (singer), Silvienne Martie (singer), Zhyona Francisco (back-up singer) and Magindra Francisca (back-up singer).

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